Weekly Recap: 6/28 - 7/4 , 2015

2015/6/28 - 7/4

Headline News

Hearthstoneのテレビコマーシャルシリーズ第四弾は皆のアイドルAnnoy-o-Tron! [◆ Official]

次期コンテンツの予告でしょうか。7月22日に何かが起きる? [◆ More News]

JCG Hearthstone Pro League 2015 Season1のデッキリストとインタビューが公開 [◆ Completed events]

今週のTavern Brawlはどこもかしこも蜘蛛だらけ?! [◆ Tavern Brawl]

Disguised Toastの出題するクイズに挑んでみよう [◆ Puzzle Time!]

TroldenとAmaz・Kripのコラボ動画公開 [◆ Clip Video]


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Weekly Recap: 6/21 - 6/27 , 2015 [dojo]
Label Tag : Weekly Recap [dojo]


Featured News

◆ Official

Hearthstone® July 2015 Ranked Play Season – Darkspear Delight! [Battle.net]
Annoy-o-Tron Addresses the Media [Battle.net]
Hearthstone TV Commercial "Comeback" [Youtube]
"Comeback" Post-Match Interview [Youtube]
Alleria Windrunner Wallpaper [Official Facebook]

◆ Community & Team Transfers

Rising star Hawkeye teams up with other Hearthstone veterans to form Fade2Karma [GosuGamers]

◆ More News

Tavern Brawl Ending Soon, Popular Decks of the Week, Card Design Competition #22 [Hearthpwn]
Deck Spotlight: ShadowDragon, Versus Series: Beastmode vs Alexdaboss [Hearthpwn]
Tavern Brawl #3 Starts Tomorrow, Angry Chicken #89, Archon Team League Starts Tomorrow [Hearthpwn]
Well Met, Hero! Upcoming Hearthstone Content Announcement - July 22 [Hearthpwn]
Popular Decks of the Week, HS History - Neutral Epics & Legendaries, Card Design #23 [Hearthpwn]

Next Hearthstone expansion to be announced on July 22 [PC Gamer]
Hearthstone次期コンテンツ関連情報が7月22日に発表(の予告) [dojo]
Is another new Hearthstone expansion on the way? [Dailydot]
Big Announcement Teased for July 22nd [BlizzPro]
New Hearthstone expansion announcement coming on July 22nd [GosuGamers]

Take on Hunter Pence in Hearthstone [Polygon]

Complete Guide to the Most Underrated Cards in Hearthstone [Hearth2p]

Solving the Patron Problem [TempoStorm]

I'm Trump! AMA #2 [reddit]

This Week In Hearthstone - PILOT [Youtube]



◆ Completed events

Kolento is your Challengestone #2 champion [GosuGamers]
Challengestone II [BMK Gaming]
Challengestone 2: Day 2 - Semi Finals and Final round - Live Report and Discussion [TempoStorm]

Disguised Toast goes to a Fireside Gathering… [Disguised Toast]

PVPLive's HPL Week 4 Recap [BlizzPro]
Hearthstone Pro League Playlist [Youtube]

HSP Open Tournament #2: Results and Decklists! [Hearthstone Players]

Pro League 2015 Season1 決勝トーナメント優勝はcivila選手! civila選手のインタビュー(各選手のデッキリストも掲載) [JCG]
JCG Hearthstone Pro League 2015 Season1 決勝トーナメント Day1 amanos観戦レポート [JCG]

◆ Upcoming events

Dailydot [Liquid Hearth]
Starladder Hearthstone Playlist [Youtube]

[ATLC] $250,000 League starts July 1st! [Youtube]
Archon Team League Championship Week 1: Value Town vs Cloud9 [BMK Gaming]
Everything you need to know about Hearthstone's biggest-ever league [Dailydot]
Archon Team League Championships: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly [BlizzPro]

大会に参加しよう!JCG オープンクラス & WIKIリーグ! [すべ半]
JCG主催のゲーム大会「JCG 2015 Summer」が7月4日に開幕 [4gamer]
07/10(金)開催 JCG Pro League グループステージ レギュレーションを発表! [JCG]

7月11日(土)11:00~19:00「ゆるふわHearthstone会 in ガレリアラウンジ」のお知らせ [Nemukejp]
7月17日~19日(金土日)、中国・上海の国際女子大会に日本からHogei選手が出場 [Nemukejp]

【Hearthstone】Fireside Gathering 応募締め切りは7月5日23時59分まで [Twitter]



◆ Meta

PR June Week 4: Rogues Do It Too [Liquid Hearth]
The best Hearthstone decks - July 2015 [Metabomb]

◆ General Guide

Budget Decklist & Guide Series - Currently 5 of 9 Classes Complete! [reddit]
ADWCTA's Arena Tier List - (4th of July Update) [reddit]
What Separates a ‘Pro’ from an ‘Above Average’ Player [vicioushs]
Getting the Most Out of a New/Alt Account [TempoStorm]
What to Cut: Picking the right neutral 5-drops [TempoStorm]
Mastering the ‘X’ Deck Guides [Hearthstone Players]
初心者ガイド : 試合中にメモをとる理由 [Read2Win]
How to Win Every Qualifier [reddit]
From Install to Legend: The Mulligan Phase [HS Champion]

◆ Tavern Brawl

Spiders, Spiders, Everywhere! The Eight-Legged Third Brawl [Liquid Hearth]
Webspinners invade week 3 of Tavern Brawl [GosuGamers]
Tavern Brawl #3: Spiders, Spiders, EVERYWHERE! [Hearthstone.exp]
Tavern Brawl - 7月第1週『Spiders, Spiders, EVERYWHERE!』 [dojo]
TotalBiscuit - Spiders Everywhere [Youtube]
Decklist spotlight: The decks that conquered this week’s Banana Brawl Open [GosuGamers]
Banana Brawl Broken: A Look Back at Brawl #2 [Liquid Hearth]

◆ Puzzle Time!

Hearthstone Lightning Quiz #1 [Disguised Toast]
Identity Enigma #10: A+ Students [BlizzPro]
In-Depth Turn Analysis #11: The Lion, the Witch, and the Patron [Hearthstone Players]
配信中のリーサルパズル [すべ半]
66%リーサルパズル!ウォーロック編 [すべ半]
Sjow Lethal Puzzle (Legend Rank 15) [reddit]
Animated Hearthstone Puzzles - Episode 12 [Youtube]

◆ Deck Spotlight

Midrange Druid - July 2015 [Metabomb]
Double Combo and Double Ooze: Legend Decklist, Guide, Video Tutorial against Rank ~100 Legend, and a 68.9% win rate [Fast Druid] [reddit]
Midrange Druid Mayhem [Top 25 Legend] [Hearthpwn]
Rank 4 legend Taunt druid [Hearthpwn]

Midrange Hunter - Athene's Style [Hearth2p]
Sjow's Feign Death Hunter - July 2015 [Metabomb]
[S15 Legend] Sigma's Beast&Dragon Concoction! [Hearthpwn]
[Rank 3-almost legend]Hunter wins again [Hearthpwn]
[S15 Legend] Face Hunter -- Climb fast & abuse the meta!! [Hearthpwn]

Mastering the Tempo Mage: Beginner Guide [Hearthstone Players]
[LEGEND] Dragon Mage (Top 500) [Hearthpwn]
[Top 100 Legend] Dragon Sage - [72,9% Winrate] [Hearthpwn]
StrifeCro - Next level Freeze Mage - the StrifeCro version! Malygos & duplicate #2 [Youtube]
StrifeCro - The ultimate Malygos Freeze Mage dream - Hearthstone GotD #55 [Youtube]
Legend with the Unexpected MechMage [reddit]
Tempo Mage: Without the ... *secrecy* (Top 20 Legend) [reddit]

Gaara - Taking Control of the Board with Paladin [TempoStorm]
the best budget Paladin deck - July 2015 [Metabomb]
Mastering the Divine Paladin: Beginner Guide [Hearthstone Players]
Legend with Slower Aggro Paladin [reddit]

Trump's Control Priest - July 2015 [Metabomb]
Zetalot's Lightbomb Priest - July 2015 [Metabomb]
ShadowDragon [Hearthpwn]
Crusher Combo Priest: Inner Fire to Legend! [reddit]
Crusher Combo Priest [Legendary] [Hearthpwn]

オイルローグプレイング実況解説プレイ! [すべ半]
Big Slick - Legend Oil Rogue deck [Hearthpwn]
Burst Rogue - Legend Grinder - RACE HUNTERS [Hearthpwn]
Burst Rogue - July 2015 [Metabomb]

Silentstorm's Midrange Shaman [Archon]
Fen's Original Dragon Mech Shaman [TempoStorm]

Is it Zoo? Is it Handlock? No, it’s Malylock [HS Champion]
WE BOUGHT A ZOO: A Dissection of the Ladder Animal [TempoStorm]
25 Winstreak Mechlock "Virus" [Hearthpwn]
(Budget) Zoolock Aggro - Legend Grinder - Guide [Hearthpwn]
Eloise's Fast Zoo [Twitter]
Rank 1 Legend (EU) Control Demon Warlock [reddit]

Grim Patron Warrior - July 2015 [Metabomb]
10 Mistakes Patron Warrior Players Make [HS Champion]
Tyler first to hit Legend on EU in 20 hours! [reddit]
First Legend #1 EU Patron Warrior! (S16) [Hearthpwn]
Mastering the Grim Patron Warrior: Beginner Guide [Hearthstone Players]
Kolento plays worgen warrior (#14) [Youtube]
Deathwing Warrior [Hearthstats]
Black Controlwing [Hearthstats]
INDIGO's Control Warrior Rank 1 Legend Eu [Hearthpwn]



◆ reddit hot topics

Hearthstone Taiwan just updated their profile picture! [reddit]
Hearthstone PC Version should get a disconnect indicator just like the Mobile Version does [reddit]
Why doesn't Blizzard sell bulk Arena entrance fees? [reddit]
Ran 15 miles, made a new friend, and got 12 wins in arena [reddit]
Why is 'the control meta' seen as a Hearthstone promised land? [reddit]
Blizzard pls nerf ABLOODFLAMESTRIKEORR [reddit]
They haven't ruled out changing the silver hand recruit for paladin alt-skin. [reddit]
The hunter becomes the hun.......Nefarian plz [reddit]
added a kodo to my druid deck. best idea i ever had!! RIP armorsmith, acolyte,warsong commander, gnomish inventor, flamewaker, imp gang boss. [reddit]
Tavern Brawl sponsored by Jurassic World™ [reddit]
Wasn't the new Tavern Brawl supposed to roll out today? [reddit]
My Tavern Brawl opponent got a pretty cool creature from Unstable Portal [reddit]
All decks in this brawl should have a hemet in them [reddit]
Always Face. Never Trade (Tavern Brawl in a Nutshell) [reddit]
Everyone gets an Elven Archer [reddit]
The greatest unstable portal for brawl [reddit]
That matchmaking... [reddit]
Number of the Beast [reddit]
Master Swordsmith OP [reddit]
This is why no one likes you Anduin! [reddit]
Straw Poll: After 3 brawls were done, Which was the best Tavern Brawl so far? [reddit]
Happy 4th /r/headstone! Here's my celebratory decklist! [reddit]

◆ VoD Highlight

Kripparrian - I’ve Got The Fun In My Sights [Youtube]
Kripparrian - The New Player Guide [Youtube]
Kripparrian - Argent Tournament Expansion? [Youtube]
Brian Kibler - Malygod vs Spellpower Dragons [Youtube]
Forsen somehow misses lethal 140IQ FailFish [Youtube]
Reckful's HearthStone ATLC Tournament Casting Drama [Youtube]
Kolento's calculated topdeck [Youtube]
Kolento trolls the viewers [Youtube]
MaSsan - Down to 1HP? I'm Patron, Power Reincarnate! [Youtube]
MaSsan - - Mallyrogue is Dead? I Dare You Not. [Youtube]
Hafu - Top Rekt (Stream Highlight) [Youtube]
Hafu - Hearthstone: Pure Skill (Stream Highlight) [Youtube]
LegendaryLea - - Spiders, Spiders, Everywhere ! [Youtube]
Amaz - Crush or Smash, or... [Youtube]
Amaz - Heart of the Cards #1: My Chops are Awesome [Youtube]
Amaz - Heart of the Cards #2: Forsen Slayer [Youtube]
Amaz - The Easiest Arena Game in the World [Youtube]
Amaz - Tavern Brawl God-Top-Deck [Youtube]
Amaz - Shaman Positioning 101, feat. Paint [Youtube]
Amaz - Heart of the Cards #3: Justice has been served! [Youtube]
How to play Nozdormu [Youtube]
The Birth of Voice Command Hearthstone! Part 1 [Youtube]
Brett, I'm Sorry...Thanks Matt [Youtube]
4 Horsemen take their revenge ! [Youtube]
Resurect Doomsayer VS 4 horsemen [Youtube]
[Tavern Brawl] - Two Gahz'rillas, One Bouncing Blade [Youtube]
[Tavern Brawl] The most satisfying way to win [Youtube]
F for Freeze [Youtube]

◆ Hearthstone Tips & Trivia

Card Origins #12 - Sylvanas Windrunner [Youtube]
[Hearthstone Science] Mimiron's head activating with 9 mechs [Youtube]
[Hearthstone Science] Mimiron's Head is having a party! (Shadow Madness vs Silence bug) [Youtube]
[Hearthstone Science] Mimiron's head doomsayer alarm-o-bot interaction [Youtube]
[Hearthstone Science] Glitch - Invisible Mimiron's Head + MEGA V-07-TR-0N [Youtube]
[Hearthstone Science] When Do Minions Die? [Youtube]
Hearthstone History — NEUTRAL EPICS & LEGENDARIES! [Youtube]
Hearthstone History ADDENDUM — Leeroy Jenkins & Sylvanas! [Youtube]
Lore of the Cards | Alleria Windrunner (Full Lore) [Youtube]

◆ Fan art , Other Topics

Can we have a Hearthstone wallpaper thread? [reddit]
Booty Bay Guardian sculpture [reddit]
Neirea's Dreamhack Chodown [Liquid Hearth]
Here are the winners of our June card contest! [GosuGamers]
I made some Dark Souls 2 cards [reddit]

◆ Clip Video

IM SICK OF ALL THESE BANANAS! - Hearthstone Funny Montage [Youtube]
Lucky Moment of the Week #1 (Feat.Kripparrian) - Hearthstone [Youtube]
Amusing Consequences - Hearthstone - Episode 8 [Youtube]
How It was. Warrior in GvG [Youtube]
Epic Hearthstone Plays #70 [Youtube]
What Pros Think About RAGNAROS [ATLC/Trolden] [Youtube]
Funny And Lucky Tavern Brawls - Week 1 [Youtube]
Trolden's Top 5 Plays - Hearthstone - Ep. 2 (ft. Kripparrian) [Youtube]



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Hearthstone dojo: Weekly Recap: 6/28 - 7/4 , 2015
Weekly Recap: 6/28 - 7/4 , 2015
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