Weekly Recap: 6/21 - 6/27 , 2015

2015/6/21 ~ 6/27

Headline News

Hearthstoneのテレビコマーシャルシリーズはまだまだ続く?!Madder Bomber登場! [◆ Official]

Rogueを使って77勝8敗。アリーナゴッドRatsmahの配信 [◆ More News]

World Championshipポイントを賭けた国内オンライントーナメント、「JCG Pro League」第一シーズンを制したのは農家 [◆ Completed events]

世界大会へと続く新たな道が開かれました。e-sports SQUARE主催のオフライントーナメント開催 [◆ Upcoming events]

ライターを増員し充実し始めたTeam Archonのガイド記事を要チェック [◆ Strategy]

今週のTavern Brawl。お題はKing Muklaの大好きなバナナです [◆ Tavern Brawl]

ホラー映画のポスターみたいなAnnoy-o-Tron Wallpaper。夏にピッタリ? [◆ Fan art , Other Topics]


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▼ Events
・ Completed events ・ Upcoming events 

▼ Strategy
・ Meta ・ General Guide ・ Tavern Brawl ・ Puzzle Time! ・ Deck Spotlight

▼ Fun
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Weekly Recap: 6/14 - 6/20 , 2015 [dojo]
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Featured News

◆ Official

Hearthstone® June 2015 Ranked Play Season – Nature Rises! - Ending Soon! [Battle.net]
Madder Bomber Addresses the Media [Battle.net]
Hearthstone TV Commercial "Closer" [Youtube]
Madder Bomber Post-Match Interview [Youtube]
Hope your Father’s Day is not a boar! #Hearthstone #dadjokes [Official Facebook]
#LoveWins [Official Facebook]

◆ Community & Team Transfers

"Beautiful” Massan Signs With Cloud9 [Cloud9]

◆ More News

Tavern Brawl Ending Soon, Popular Decks of the Week, Hearthstone History - Neutral Commons [Hearthpwn]
Deck Spotlight: Burst Rogue, Archon $250k Team League, Class Design Competition, HS Commercials [Hearthpwn]
Tavern Brawl #2 Starts Tomorrow, Angry Chicken #88, Upcoming AUD Price Changes [Hearthpwn]
The Banana Brawl - Info & Decks, Archon Team League Update [Hearthpwn]
Deck Spotlight: Mech-Malygos Control Shaman, Hearthstone History - Neutral Rares, Challengestone #2 [Hearthpwn]

On Randomness in Hearthstone [Liquid Hearth]

A Tale of Two Inns: Why Tavern Brawl is the Best Thing to Happen to Hearthstone [BlizzPro]

Hearthstone's Shaman class is in desperate need of help [Dailydot]

Ratsmah putting on a arena clinic [reddit]
Ratsmah pulls off one of the most impressive runs you'll ever see in Hearthstone's Arena [Dailydot]

Tapestry of Ages: Lessons from the Past [TempoStorm]


Hearthstone Streamer Stats: May 2015 [goldper]

Hearthstone: how a game developer turned 30m people into card geeks [The Guardian]

You can more or less predict the theme of the Tavern Brawl by looking at the datamined chalkboard images [reddit]

Season end reminder : June 2015 [dojo]



◆ Completed events

Q&A @ DH Summer 2015 - Forsen, Kungen & Gaara [Youtube]
Q&A @ DH Summer 2015 - HeatoN, Fifflaren & LegendaryLea [Youtube]
Dreamhack Summer - Food for thought [Archon]

Decklists, VODs, and Recap from ONOG #1 [Liquid Hearth]

PVPLive’s HPL Week 3 Recap [BlizzPro]

Lifecoach goes 6-0 as he crushes through StarLadder Group C [GosuGamers]

GosuGamers presents: The "Tavern Brawl Open", a unique tournament series played in the Tavern Brawl mode [reddit]
Mage takes a break for tomorrow's Tavern Brawl Open [GosuGamers]

オンライン大会「JCG Proleague」が6月26日(金)、27日(土)に開始 [Nemukejp]
【JCG HS】国内最大級ゲーム大会! JCG Pro League 2015 Season 1 Day1 [niconico]
【JCG HS】国内最大級ゲーム大会! JCG Pro League 2015 Season 1 Day2 [niconico]
JCG Hearthstone Pro League 2015 Season1 決勝トーナメント Day1 [Twitch]
JCG Hearthstone Pro League 2015 Season1 決勝トーナメント Day2 [Twitch]

◆ Upcoming events

Kibler's Challengestone 2 Experience [BMK gaming Challengestone 2: Player Match-Ups [TempoStorm]
Challengestone 2: True Highlander - Day One: Ro8 and Quarterfinals !live updates! [TempoStorm]

HSP Open Tournament #1: Results and Decklists! [Hearthstone Players]
Hearthstone Players Open Tournament #2 (NA) – This Sunday! Free to Join with Prizepool! [Hearthstone Players]

LiquidHearth Tavern Brawl Open #1 [Liquid Hearth]

Introducing the new HTC Recharged Tournament [Liquid Hearth]

ASUS ROG Summer 2015 [Liquid Hearth]

We’re about to get even more team leagues in Hearthstone [GosuGamers]
Another new weekly team league is coming to Hearthstone [Dailydot]

Hearthstone with $25,000 prize pool at Assembly Summer [GosuGamers]

Archon Team League Championship - The teams [Team Archon]
[ATLC] Teaser Video! [Youtube]
[ATLC] Format of the League [Youtube]

Hearthstone:Road to World Championship [e-sports SQUARE]
日本人が世界王者へ。Hearthstone:Road to World Championship特設サイト公開 [Nemukejp]
e-sports SQUARE主催国内オフラインイベント『Japan Fireside Gathering』の日程公開 [dojo]
「Hearthstone」世界大会への出場権をかけた日本代表決定戦が開催決定 [4gamer]

7月11日(土)11:00~19:00「ゆるふわHearthstone会 in ガレリアラウンジ」のお知らせ [Nemukejp]

EVERYONE GET IN HERE! - 第4回HS食事会のお誘い [Read2Win]

Tavern Brawl Japan#1 (6/28 20:00~) [Satake]



◆ Meta

PR June Week 3: Warlock and Warrior: BFFs [Liquid Hearth]
Meta Snapshot 19: From Warrior to Warrior and Back Again [TempoStorm]
Season 15 Breakdown [Elite decks]
Hearthstone Meta Snapshot: Rank 5 To Legend 6/24/15 [HS Champion]

◆ General Guide

Rank Up : 5 Tips to Improve Your Game [Archon]
A critical examination of the win % [Archon]
Pay Attention Class: Note Taking in Tournaments [Archon]
5 Cards That Should See More Play [TempoStorm]
Dannie Ray’s Hearthstone eSports Play of the Week [BlizzPro]
In-Depth Turn Analysis #10: Your Traps are Annoying, Rexxar [Hearthstone Players]
Understanding Match-up Theory, Part Three: ‘Anticipating the Curve’ [Hearthstone Players]
初心者ガイド : 倒すべきミニオンはどっち?(後編) [Read2Win]
フェイスパラディンの倒し方 [すべ半]

◆ Tavern Brawl

Banana Brawl: Happy Birthday Mukla! [Liquid Hearth]
Tavern Brawl Week 2 With Deck Lists [Hearth2p]
バナナを思う存分食べるTavern Brawlの第2週「Banana Brawl!」が開放 [Nemukejp]
Tavern Brawl #2: Banana Brawl! [Hearthstone.exp]
Tavern Brawl - 6月第4週『Banana Brawl』 [dojo]
dojo - Tavern Brawl #2 - 6月第4週『Banana Brawl』 [Youtube]
This week's Tavern Brawl is a Banana Brawl! [reddit]

◆ Puzzle Time!

Identity Enigma #9: Can’t Catch ’em All [BlizzPro]
Animated Hearthstone Puzzles - Episode 11 [Youtube]

◆ Deck Spotlight

[S15 Deck Guide] Kolento's Ramp Druid [Hearth2p]
Rank 9 -> legend in 24 hours [Hearthpwn]
h0z's New Fatigue Druid counter aggro decks [Hearthpwn]
Legend hit with Bloodmage Thalnos/Starfall ramp-style druid (decksplanation inside) [reddit]

The #1 legend Deathlord Hunter [GosuGamers]
Athene's Face Hunter Guide. [Hearth2p]
Top 15 legend Florindo's Hunter [Hearthpwn]

StanCifka’s Echo Giants [GosuGamers]
Reinhardt here. Just hit legend with Tempo Mage and wanted to post a guide I've been working on. [reddit]
A Deck of Ice and Fire – Learn to Play Freeze Mage [Hearthstone Players]

Buer’s and JustSaiyan’s aggro Paladins [GosuGamers]
Deck of the Week: Aggro Paladin [BlizzPro]
Saiyan Guide Me [Archon]
フェイスパラディンのすゝめ [すべ半]
BALLAdin Counters Current Meta Decks [Hearthpwn]
Hotform just reached legend with Pirate Paladin, and it shows that this game can still go beyond the standard meta. [reddit]

Legend with Hybrid Priest [reddit]
Going aggro in high legend ranks with Aggro Priest [GosuGamers]
勝率80%で中国サーバーのレジェンダリー100位台に到達した変速Priest [Hearthstone Players]
SK Zetalot - Climbing, I Guess [Legend] [Hearthpwn]

[TOP 1] Legend Oil Rogue [Hearthpwn]
[2/3] Tempo Rogue: Rank 5 to Legend [reddit]

[Legend] Mech-Malygos Control [Hearthpwn]
[Legend] Overload Shaman writeup [reddit]

TIY (Tech It Yourself) - Handlock! [Archon]
[S15] Sigma's 0 Legendary Legend Zoo! [Hearthpwn]
Top 20 Legend with Malylock [reddit]
マリロックの記事をかけない話 [Luna Side Base]
Mastering the Midrange (Demon/Zoo) Warlock: Beginner Guide [Hearthstone Players]

5 Lessons I Learned From Playing Patron Warrior [TempoStorm]
Rank 5 legend with patron warrior [reddit]
Patron warrior deck optional/tech cards [reddit]
Mastering the Control Warrior: Beginner Guide [Hearthstone Players]



◆ reddit hot topics

DIY Al'Akir [reddit]
How to nerf Hunter hero power [reddit]
[Week 1] Tavern Brawl end-of-week discussion (with Strawpoll!) [reddit]
When Oldschool meets Newschool [reddit]
weekly nice thread: fun battles (◕‿◕✿) [reddit]
What GOLDEN cards have you crafted? Why? [reddit]
What deck are you CURRENTLY having the most fun playing? [reddit]
I have no life [reddit]
I won an arena game I didn't really deserve and the guy added me after.. [reddit]
I made a "Roach Boy" card [reddit]
Since Roach Boy is kinda overpowered we now need a counter for it. [reddit]
Sir Roach [reddit]
I beat the game! [reddit]
Mouse Graph From an Hour of Hearthstone [reddit]
Guy added me after I won a game [reddit]
Someone just used Dr. Owl against me on arena [reddit]
It's finally her time to shine! [reddit]
Rexxar really shouldn't play with bananas. [reddit]
Charge is a fun card [reddit]
Noxious prevents sniping [reddit]
When could the next expansion be announced? [reddit]
(✿☯‿☯✿) Nefarian so pretty (✿☯‿☯✿) [reddit]
(◕‿◕✿) Why I Keep Playing Hearthstone (Album) [reddit]
/b/ makes a weapon [reddit]
Just chain conceded for several hours... [reddit]

◆ VoD Highlight

Kripparrian - Tavern Brawl #2: Zoo Is Bananas [Youtube]
Kripparrian - The Phone User Experience [Youtube]
DISGUISED TOAST VS KRIPPARRIAN - Tavern Brawl Highlights [Youtube]
Tournament Misplays #3 - Reading OP [Youtube]
Hafu = Dennis? [Youtube]
Strifecro GotD #53 - Kezan Mystic thief strikes again [Youtube]
Amaz - Evaluation: Complete [Youtube]
Amaz - Justice has come! [Full game, Amaz vs. Barcelona] [Youtube]
Amaz - Puzzle Series #31: Did Amaz miss lethal?! [Youtube]
Amaz - First Arena - Final Boss [Full Arena Game] [Youtube]
MaSsan - Is Dragon Mage a thing? [Youtube]
MaSsan - Learn from missed lethal [Youtube]
Fuck Hunt #01 [Youtube]
[Hearthstone Challenges] #24 - Shadow of Nothing FINAL BLOW! (Hardest Challenge I Ever Did) [Youtube]
Tavern Brawl Madness 1 : Throw them bananas! (Week 2) [Youtube]
Ping my face EP.11 [Youtube]
The hardest part about doing a "Feign Death" ! [Youtube]
Poultryizer vs. Mimiron's Head [Youtube]

◆ Hearthstone Tips & Trivia

[Hearthstone Science] I must attack the Minion with Taunt! (Immune vs Taunt) [Youtube]
Staples of Hearthstone? A look at the frequency of cards on the Tempostorm Meta Snapshot [reddit]
Nozdormu + Vo7tron + Tavern Brawl = Not allowed to play on your turn [reddit]
PSA: Fatigue and triangular numbers. [reddit]
New bug : Homing Chicken & Mimiron's Head [Youtube]
Lore of the Cards | Magni Bronzebeard (Full Episode) []
How to Multibox Hearthstone [reddit]

◆ Fan art , Other Topics

#Hearthstone #JurassicWorld [Twitter]
A Roleplayer’s Guide to Hearthstone [TempoStorm]
オリジナルカード案: Eye of Ysera(イスラの眼) [Nemukejp]
Ragnaros drawing I did for a friend for beating me in Brawl [reddit]
Deathwing animation mockup [Youtube]
Star Wars x Hearthstone (37 custom cards including tokens) [reddit]
This would make the greatest horror movie ever [reddit]
Get fit playing Hearthstone [reddit]
Sylvanas Windrunner Chibi - World of Warcraft [deviantart]
Banana [Nerf Now]

◆ Clip Video

Banana Brawl Streamer Moments (Hearthstone) [Youtube]
Epic Hearthstone Plays #69 [Youtube]
Funny and Lucky Moments - Hearthstone - Ep. 113 [Youtube]



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Hearthstone dojo: Weekly Recap: 6/21 - 6/27 , 2015
Weekly Recap: 6/21 - 6/27 , 2015
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