Weekly Recap: 11/30 - 12/6 , 2015


▼ 今週注目のニュース
・ オフィシャル・ チーム加入・移籍情報・ その他のニュース

▼ イベント関連
・ 今週行われたイベント・ 来週以降のイベント

▼ 戦略・ガイド記事
・ Metagame・ クラス共通の解説記事・ Tavern Brawl/酒場の喧嘩
・ アドベンチャー攻略・ パズル・クイズ・ 今週の注目デッキ

▼ Fun
・ reddit注目の投稿・ 今週のハイライト映像・ HSのマメ知識
・ ファンアート・創作・Warcraft Lore・ おもしろシーン特集

Weekly Recap: 11/23 - 11/29 , 2015 [dojo]
Label Tag : Weekly Recap [dojo]


Featured News

◆ オフィシャル

Hearthstone® December 2015 Ranked Play Season – The Slammin’ Shaman [Battle.net]
The League of Explorers: The Ruined City – Now Live [Battle.net]
Hearthstone Patch Notes - [Battle.net]

◆ ハースストーン日本公式サイト
ハースストーン® 2015年12月ランク戦プレイシーズン: 最高にイカしたシャーマン [Battle.net]
リーグ・オブ・エクスプローラー、廃墟の都市がリリース! [Battle.net]
ハースストーンパッチノート [Battle.net]

◆ チーム加入・移籍情報

Gnimsh leaves Cloud9, plans to focus on casting [Dailydot]

◆ その他のニュース

Popular Decks of the Week, Dragon Priest has Evolved, November Ranked Season Ending Soon [Hearthpwn]
December Ranked Cardback - Thrall, Upcoming Video on Card Text Philosophy, Noxious' Fun Tech - Wisps & Giggles, What's That? [Hearthpwn]
Winter Unveiling - Win a 3D Printed Custom Card, Sigma's LOE Wing 1 Card Analysis, Stalagg & Feugen Rattle Rogue [Hearthpwn]
League of Explorers Wing 3 Launches Thursday - Boss Info & Cards [Hearthpwn]
League of Explorers: The Ruined City Boss Guides - Slitherspear, Giantfin, & Lady Naz'jar [Hearthpwn]
Hearthstone Patch 10956 - Winterveil Brawl Event + Cardback, New Ranked Cardbacks, New Brawls, Unearthed Raptor Fixed [Hearthpwn]
Sigma's Wing 3 Card Analysis - The League of Explorers, Ben Brode on Gorillabot's Text, Win a 3D Printed Custom Card [Hearthpwn]

The New League of Explorer's Boards and Interactions [GosuGamers]

The Most Dangerous Word in Hearthstone [BlizzPro]

HS辞書更新(ver1.2) [rikapi]

【国内サイト】動画サイトOPENREC.tvにてハースストーン初心者に向けた「nemukeと佐和子のHEARTHSTONE講座」が公開! [GAMESTAR]



◆ 今週行われたイベント

[EN] SL i-League StarSeries [Youtube]

Asia and the west tied after the group stage of Celestial Invitational [GosuGamers]
(Vods) $25k Celestial Invitational Finals [Youtube]


◆ 来週以降のイベント

Invited players for Insomnia Truesilver Championship announced [GosuGamers]

第2回天野一武道会@アジアサーバー 開催のお知らせ [すべ半]
天野一武道会がポイント付与大会として承認されました! [すべ半]

ハースストーン イベントカレンダー [Google docs]
【新】ハースストーンイベントカレンダー! [すべ半]



◆ Metagame

Power Ranks: Paladin Locks Up the Top Two Spots [Liquid Hearth]
THE META SNAPSHOT: #39 Sometimes Shaman is Good [TempoStorm]
Meta Analysis and Solutions – Nov 30th [The Irronsmith]
The Meta Season 20: Closing Thoughts [BlizzPro]

◆ クラス共通の解説記事

League of Explorers Card Review: Wing Three [Liquid Hearth]
Brainstorming with Sir Finley [TempoStorm]
The “Confusion Value” of Secrets [Hearthstone Players]
League of Explorers Weekly Review: The Ruined City [Hearthstone Players]
Weekly Top Legend Decks #2 [Hearthstone Players]
How to get Legendary Rank in Hearthstone & Climb Ranks in 3 Steps [Youtube]
【国内サイト】要注意カード:「手動操縦のシュレッダー」 [From 0]
【国内サイト】要注意カード:「ドクター・ブーム」 [From 0]
【国内サイト】ハースストーンのプロゲーマー「koroneko氏」による初心者向け低コストデッキが公開! [GAMESTAR]
【国内サイト】大会ルール用語集 [すべ半]

◆ Tavern Brawl/酒場の喧嘩

This week's Tavern Brawl: "Decks Assemble" [GosuGamers]
Tavern Brawl: Decks Assemble! [TempoStorm]
【国内サイト】酒場の喧嘩 #25: リアルタイム構築戦! [Hearthstone.exp]

◆ アドベンチャー攻略

The Ruined City: Heroic Deck Lists and Videos [BlizzPro]
League of Explorers Heroic Boss Guides [BlizzPro]
League of Explorers: Heroic Uldaman Guide [Hearthstone Players]
League of Explorers: Heroic Ruined City Guide [Hearthstone Players]
Back again, this time with the Third Wing of League of Explorers using Basic/Starter Cards! [reddit]
【国内サイト】攻略「リーグ・オブ・エクスプローラー」#7: ロード・スリザースピア [Hearthstone.exp]

◆ パズル・クイズ

Amaz - Puzzle Series #35 - Clever Survivalist [Youtube]

◆ 今週の注目デッキ

1st DAY LEGEND Egg Druid V10 [Hearthpwn]
How to play Egg Druid by J4CKIECHAN [Youtube]
HearthPWN D3CK Spotl!ght: J4CKIECHAN's 1st DAY LEGEND Egg Druid V10 [Youtube]
【国内サイト】《墓守蜘蛛/Tomb Spider》@コンボドルイド [すべ半]
First time Legend with taunt/reno/ramp druid [reddit]
HearthPWN D3CK Spotl!ght: Mr_RedSun's [LEGENDARY] Reno Jackson Ramp Druid [Youtube]
Thijs - Legend #2 Aggro Druid Guide [Youtube]
Aggro Druid - December 2015 [Metabomb]

[Updated] JHUS' Finley Hunter [Hearthpwn]
HearthPWN D3CK Spotl!ght: Ap0caLypzE Midrange Hunter [Great for new meta] [Youtube]
HearthPWN D3CK Spotl!ght: Eternal HS's Legend Face Hunter [Rank 5 to Legend] [Youtube]

[S21] DESTROYER MENACE * [Hearthpwn]
Mech Mage - December 2015 [Metabomb]

Murloc OTK Paladin is all the rage on ladder right now [ThijsNL's decklist inside] [GosuGamers]
cross7224 鯛罪パラディン [Twitter]
Rank 5 to legend with Solemn vigil zoo [reddit]
Aggro Paladin - December 2015 [Metabomb]
91.3% WR from 5 to legend [Hearthpwn]
Midrange Highlander Paladin Deck [Hearthstone Players]

ShadowRenoPriest. 97,238%WR. easy Legend. kappa. [Hearthpwn]
Zetalot just broke into legend with entomb priest with style [reddit]

Raptor Rogue - December 2015 [Metabomb]
[Updated! S20 Legend] Sigma's Stalagg & Feugen Rattle Rogue! [Short guide included!] [Hearthpwn]

【国内サイト】アグロシャーマン@デッキガイド [すべ半]
DR. 1 85% win rate FACE shaman [Hearthpwn]
HearthPWN D3CK Spotl!ght: Likebawse's Dr. 1 85% win rate FACE shaman [Youtube]
Legend Dragon Shaman (Top 100) [reddit]
Forsen`s Murloc Shaman [Hearthpwn]

RenoLock to Legend: It Only Does Everything [TempoStorm]
High Legend Highlander Warlock [Hearthstone Players]
Trump - Purple Malylock (Warlock Constructed) [Youtube]
Combo Warlock: League of Explorers Style [Hearthstone Players]
Combolock list (and rest of lineup) I used to place 2nd at DH Winter [reddit]

Raging Patrons - Full Guide Mulligans + Stats [reddit]
Grim Patron Warrior - December 2015 [Metabomb]
*LoE* Scarab Warrior by JustSaiyan [Hearth2p]



◆ reddit注目の投稿

Zetalot just broke into legend with entomb priest with style [reddit]
That's not the correct race! [reddit]
I guess anyfin could have happen. F*ck burgle. [reddit]
The biggest Patch ever made in Hearthstone history ! [reddit]
English 'Transcript' for the 'deleted' video [reddit]
Spontaneous HS gathering in huge London venue TODAY [reddit]
When you disenchant an individual card, it should play its death sound. [reddit]
I thought I was safe at 30 HP against an empty board... [reddit]
The hunter becomes the hunted [reddit]
What Professional Players thing about Entomb. [reddit]
Did anyone ever notice how MASSIVE Mech-Bear-Cat is? [reddit]
Now more than ever, I'm feeling the restrictions of having only 9 deck slots. [reddit]
Something NEEDS to be done about this. [reddit]

◆ 今週のハイライト映像

Amaz - All-In Raptors [Youtube]
Amaz - Voice of a Dark Angel [Youtube]
Amaz - Amaz can't Multitask [Youtube]
Brian Kibler - Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Bear Trap? [Youtube]
Brian Kibler - Reno Warlock + Lots Of Luck [Youtube]
Brian Kibler - You Die Now [Youtube]
Lifecoach Highlights. BAAAM! [Youtube]
Hafu - Druid Run ft. Shadybunny [Youtube]
Hafu - WHAT A PERVERT [Youtube]
Kolento - How to win the CW mirror in 5 minutes or less [Youtube]
Kripparrian - Epic Arena Highlights 2 [Youtube]
Kripparrian - Learning From The Mistakes of Others [Youtube]
Kripparrian - Anyfin Can Happen? [Youtube]
MaSsan - Biggest FAIL of the Year [Youtube]
MaSsan - Nooooooooooooooo! [Youtube]
Noxious - Does Enrage Work the Way It Should? [Youtube]
Reynad - Reynad Stream Highlights - Heads or Tails? [Youtube]
Kolento vs Savjz (Dual POV Constructed Encounter) [Youtube]
Eloise vs Savjz (BO5 Pirate Tavern Brawl - Part 3) [Youtube]
Savjz - The Reno [Concede] Effect (Constructed Highlights) [Youtube]
Savjz - BRANN BURSTBEARD [Youtube]
StrifeCro - Game of the Week #8 - Rainin' Boomers [Youtube]
Thijs - Legend Murloc Paladin, One Turn 30 Damage Kill! [Youtube]
Thijs - OTK Murloc Paladin to #5 Legend [Youtube]
Thijs - OTK Murlock, it happened again! [Youtube]
Trump - A Rich Experience (Paladin vs Hunter) [Youtube]
Hearthstone - 1350 cards drawn in one turn [Youtube]

◆ HSのマメ知識

TIL:Whirling Zap-o-matic is using red lightsaber . [Youtube]

◆ ファンアート・創作・Warcraft Lore

Lorestalker's Hearthstone Lore for the Uninitiated: Molten Giant [reddit]

◆ おもしろシーン特集

Dr. Boom Moments [Youtube]
Lock and Load Moments [Youtube]
Best Moments 11 [Youtube]
Summoning Stone Moments [Youtube]
Top 5 Lethals #3! - Best Plays Funny Moments [Youtube]
Best of Reno Jackson - Funny Plays Lucky Moments [Youtube]
Amazing Plays #15 - Funny Lucky Epic Plays Moments [Youtube]
Epic Hearthstone Plays #91 [Youtube]
Epic Hearthstone Plays #92 [Youtube]
Funny and Lucky Moments - Hearthstone - Ep. 140 [Youtube]



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Hearthstone dojo: Weekly Recap: 11/30 - 12/6 , 2015
Weekly Recap: 11/30 - 12/6 , 2015
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