Weekly Recap: 5/29 - 6/4 , 2017



▼ 今週注目のニュース
・ オフィシャル・ チーム加入・移籍情報・ その他のニュース

▼ イベント関連
・ 終了したイベント・ 来週以降のイベント

▼ 戦略・ガイド記事
・ Metagame・ 海外サイト・ 国内サイト
・ Tavern Brawl/酒場の喧嘩・ 今週の注目デッキ

▼ Fun
・ 今週のハイライト映像・ ファンメイド・Warcraft Lore・ ハイライトシーンクリップ

Weekly Recap: 5/22 - 5/28 , 2017 [dojo]
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Featured News

◆ オフィシャル

Hearthstone: Mulligans | Episode 3 – Gul’dan Selects a Queen [Youtube]
Hearthstone June 2017 Ranked Play Season – The Magic of Dalaran [Battle.net]
Hearthstone Update - June 1 [Battle.net]

◆ ハースストーン日本公式サイト
ハースストーン アップデート – 2017年6月2日 [Battle.net]

◆ チーム加入・移籍情報

◆ その他のニュース

Hearthstone Season 39 Begins - The Magic of Dalaran [Hearthpwn]
Hearthstone Patch: Deck Imports & Exports, Card Stacking, Questing w/ Friends, & More [Hearthpwn]
Ben Brode on Ranked System Weakness, Tournament Mode, Community Conversations [Hearthpwn]
Top HearthPwn Standard & Wild Decks for May 2017 [Hearthpwn]
Weekend Wacky Wild Decks [Hearthpwn]
Congratulations to the Asia-Pacific Spring Playoffs Top 8 - Results, Decks, VoDs [Hearthpwn]
Top HearthPwn Standard and Wild Decks of the Week for June 4 [Hearthpwn]

Tavern Brawl #103 - Randomonium [Hearthhead]
Dalaran Card Back Coming To Hearthstone In July [Hearthhead]
Hearthstone Patch 8.2 - Deck Import/Export, Quest With Friends Now Live [Hearthhead]
Brode Talks Ranked Changes, Hearthstone Tournament Mode [Hearthhead]
Hearthhead Update: Guide Revamp, Deck Import/Export [Hearthhead]
What Happened When Kripp Pressed The Button? [Hearthhead]
The Art Of AJ Nazzaro, Queen Carnassa Process [Hearthhead]

Hearthstone Player Goes From Zero To Legend Without Spending A Cent [Kotaku]

How to reframe negative Hearthstone experiences (and win more as a result) [PC GAMER]

Hearthstone's Deathwing finally gets the animation it deserves [PC GAMER]

Hearthstone streamer Kripparrian will dust all his extra cards tonight, tune in to see if it breaks the game [PC GAMER]

Hearthstone’s Cost Problem [GAME HAUS]

Being Bored in 2017: The Grim Future of Hearthstone [Esports Edition]



◆ 終了したイベント

HCT Asia-Pacific Spring Playoffs Top-8 Deck Lists 2017 [TOP DECKS]
HCT Spring Playoffs - Asia-Pacific Day 1 [Twitch]
HCT Spring Playoffs - Asia-Pacific Day 2 [Twitch]


◆ 来週以降のイベント




◆ Metagame

vS Data Reaper Report #50 [Vicious Syndicate]
Un'Goro Meta Snapshot #7 (May 22 - May 28)Published: May 29th, 2017 [Meta Stats]

◆ 海外サイト

Ben Brode on Issues with Ranked Ladder and Upcoming Tournament Mode [BlizzPro]
How to Collect Free Wins [LiquidHearth]
The Vicious Inquisition with MrLego, Dreamhack Austin 2017 Runner-Up [Vicious Syndicate]
Mulligan Phase: Nerfs and Bans [Hearthstone Players]
How to Build: Paladin in Un’Goro [Hearthstone Players]
Weekly Hearthstone Roundup #24 (May 26 – Jun 1) [Hearthstone Players]
How Bad is the Journey to Un’Goro RNG? [Hearthstone Players]
Fr0zen's complaints are valid [TempoStorm]
Examining the Hearthstone Global Games: Weeks 5-7 [TempoStorm]
Last Week in Hearthstone – May 22nd – 28th, 2017 [TOP DECKS]
Hearthstone’s Best Un’Goro Standard Ladder Decks (June 2017, Season 39) [TOP DECKS]
Hearthstone Patch 8.2.0 Import Decks, Complete Quests with Friends [TOP DECKS]
Ben Brode Discusses Current Ranked System and Tournament Mode [TOP DECKS]
Top Legend Decks: May Finishes [Sector One]
GG Pro-Decks Paradigm: May 2017 (S38) [Good Gaming]
Budget Decks: Part 1 [Good Gaming]
Tier 1 Card Replacement Guide [Good Gaming]
Reducing Randomness and Future Design Space [Good Gaming]
Secrets Infographic & Hydrologist Analysis [Good Gaming]
One Shot One Kill: Beating Aggro Druid [Good Gaming]
Last Hero Standing: Guide [Good Gaming]
Let's Talk About Dinosize [Good Gaming]
Hearthstone Americas Spring Playoffs 2017 Top 8 decks, results, and analysis [CompetitiveHS]
Some Math: 6 Drops for Doppelgangster + Evolve (or anything really) [CompetitiveHS]
Are we overlooking potentially strong priest decks by overvaluing the Radiant+Lyra+Shadow Visions package? []
I became the first legend player on EU this season by playing straight for 32 hours. Here's how. []

◆ 国内サイト

『ハースストーン』デッキ共有が簡単に!デッキインポート機能などの最新アップデート登場 [Gamespark]
「Hearthstone」にデッキのインポート機能が実装。デッキリストの共有・作成が簡単にできるように [4gamer]
いるいる! 『ハースストーン』プレイヤー10タイプ [Red Bull JP]
【プレゼント企画】『e-sports café』✕『ハースゲーマーズ』超次元240Hzゲーミング専用モニタープレゼント! [HEARTHGAMERS]
個人的なまとめ-アグロドルイド-ver.2 [yugo_6のハースストーンブログ]
レジェクライムうってつけのデッキ 前編【アグロドルイドその1】 [海の巨人のつどい]
相手のターン中って何してる?° ω °)【ハースストーンコラム】 [海の巨人のつどい]
ウンゴロ環境ローグガイド [ルーズの敗北日記]
通算勝利数 [ハースストーン動物園 / 園長日記]
【カード個別評価】南海のスキッドフェイスの運用について [ハースストーン攻略ブログ]
【カード個別評価】サボタージュの運用について [ハースストーン攻略ブログ]
日々是ハースストーン クエストパラディン ver.2 [日々是Dota2攻略ブログ]
日々是ハースストーンニュース ワイルドオープン開催決定!! [日々是Dota2攻略ブログ]
コントロール進化シャーマン デッキあり [ぱすたろぐ]
プロプレイヤー 獣ドルイド デッキあり [ぱすたろぐ]
翡翠シャーマン レジェンド デッキあり [ぱすたろぐ]
スタートダッシュ:S39 [moonyan’s blog]
デッキ紹介:ミッドレンジシャーマン [moonyan’s blog]

◆ Tavern Brawl/酒場の喧嘩

Tavern Brawl Randomonium [TOP DECKS]
6/1更新【酒場の喧嘩】ランダム地獄の1丁目 | 攻略・デッキ紹介 [HEARTHGAMERS]
【ハースストーン】今週の酒場は序盤からインチキムーブを楽しもう! 2017/06/02 [しゃげー]

◆ 今週の注目デッキ(Standard format)

Feno's Token Druid [Twitter]
Astrogation’s Rank3 Aggro Token Druid [Twitter]

A guide to Zoobot Face Hunter. [CompetitiveHS]
LEGEND 63,6% Winrate Midrange Hunter. [Hearthpwn]

Mage’s Freeze Mage – HCT Asia-Pacific Spring Playoffs 2017 [TOP DECKS]
[Road to Legend] Burn Mage [Hearthpwn]
Muzzy's Rank3 Burn Mage [Twitter]

Ostkaka's Rank1 Control Paladin [Twitter]

Dragon-Spell Priest [Control] [Hearthpwn]

Cydonia’s Rank5 Quest Rogue [Twitter]
Monsanto’s Rank5 Miracle Rogue [Twitter]
Giants Miracle Rogue [Hearthpwn]
[65% WR] Tempo Stealth Rogue to Legend! [Hearthpwn]

Deck Tech: Token Shaman [Good Gaming]
Tylerootd’s Rank6 Evolve Shaman [Twitter]
Legend Jade Shaman (71% Winrate) [Hearthpwn]
[Legend #4] - Jade Elemental Shaman Guide [Hearthpwn]

Sintlol's Rank4 Taunt Warrior [Twitter]



◆ 今週のハイライト映像

Amaz - Watch as Amaz Attempts to Make the 45th Ultimate Comeback of the Week [Youtube]
Amaz - Opponent Plays 4 Legendaries in a Row But is Still no Match for Amaz [Youtube]
Amaz - Twitch Chat Was Right About Evolve!! It Might Not be Bad! [Youtube]
Amaz - "This is the Best Paladin Deck I've Ever Drafted!" [Youtube]
Brian Kibler - The Perfect Ending [Youtube]
Brian Kibler - How to Beat Jade Druid with Reno Mage [Youtube]
Brian Kibler - An Unbelievable Comeback [Youtube]
Brian Kibler - High Legend Madness [Youtube]
Dane - Explore Un'goro Warrior (Wild 64 Update) [Youtube]
Dog - The Murloc Shaman [Youtube]
Dog - Dog vs MrYagut [Youtube]
Firebat - Firebat Plays with Even More Dudes [Youtube]
Firebat - He Cheat, We Switch [Youtube]
Firebat - Excuse Me, You're REALLY Dead [Youtube]
Hafu - Kraken is Back?! WTF This isn't Wild!! [Youtube]
Kolento - Kolento goes full hydra [Youtube]
Kripparrian - Now Entering Single Player Mode [Youtube]
Kripparrian - Un’Goro Cards I Hate The Most [Youtube]
Kripparrian - Button Press Tonight! [Youtube]
Kripparrian - The Button Has Been Pressed [Youtube]
Savjz - I REGRET NOTHING [Youtube]
Savjz - You Win, I Sub [Youtube]
Savjz - New Thalnos Animation + A Massive Betrayal From a Good Friend [Youtube]
StrifeCro - Dragon Priest: Dragon Voodoo [Youtube]
Thijs - Stealing Games With Thief Rogue [Youtube]
Trump - Trump's Un'Goro Deck Teachings - Midrange Murloc Paladin [Youtube]
Trump - BRAWL & CHILL w/ Trump (Tavern Brawl) [Youtube]
The Classic Switcheroo [Youtube]
Glitch: Majordomo + Alexstraza + Amara = Instant Death [Youtube]
Zetalot shows how to beat Quest Rogue [Clips]

◆ファンメイド・Warcraft Lore

UN'GORO TRIP ( Hearthstone cartoon ) [Youtube]
UTHER v UTHER - An Animated Hearthstone Song [Youtube]
life on hearthstone - inadequacy [Youtube]
The Great Taunt [Youtube]
Most Interesting Custom Hearthstone Cards #3 [Hearthstone Players]
Community Crafting, Week 45: Analyzing User-Created Cards [Hearthstone Players]

◆ ハイライトシーンクリップ

BEST Un'Goro Moments! Ep. 95 [Youtube]
Missed Lethals and Extended BM's [Youtube]
Crazy Hearthstone FAILS Moments Ep.43 [Youtube]
Epic Hearthstone Plays #173 [Youtube]
Epic Hearthstone Plays #174 [Youtube]
Funny And Lucky Moments - Hearthstone - Ep. 249 [Youtube]
Funny And Lucky Moments - Hearthstone - Ep. 250 [Youtube]



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Hearthstone dojo: Weekly Recap: 5/29 - 6/4 , 2017
Weekly Recap: 5/29 - 6/4 , 2017
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