Weekly Recap: 4/24 - 4/30 , 2017



▼ 今週注目のニュース
・ オフィシャル・ チーム加入・移籍情報・ その他のニュース

▼ イベント関連
・ 終了したイベント・ 来週以降のイベント

▼ 戦略・ガイド記事
・ Metagame・ 海外サイト・ 国内サイト
・ Tavern Brawl/酒場の喧嘩・ 今週の注目デッキ

▼ Fun
・ 今週のハイライト映像・ ファンメイド・Warcraft Lore・ ハイライトシーンクリップ

Weekly Recap: 4/17 - 4/23 , 2017 [dojo]
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Featured News

◆ オフィシャル

◆ ハースストーン日本公式サイト

◆ チーム加入・移籍情報

Czech Republic on top as Germany falter in the Hearthstone Global Games [Dot esports]

◆ その他のニュース

Best Un'Goro Standard Decks for End of Season Ladder Climbing [Hearthpwn]
Want the Heroes of the Storm Card Back? The Requirements Have Changed! [Hearthpwn]
Ben Brode on Design Space, Game Design, Adventures, and Feedback [Hearthpwn]
Official Blizzard Wild Tournament, Top 64 Ranked Wild Players in May Qualify! [Hearthpwn]
Weekend Wacky Wild Decks [Hearthpwn]
Top Decks of the Week for April 30 [Hearthpwn]
Hearthstone Season 38 Begins - Sunwell [Hearthpwn]

This Week In Competitive Hearthstone: DreamHack Austin, HGG Week 3 [Hearthhead]
Mobile Deck Tracker Fix Coming With Next Mandatory Patch [Hearthhead]
How To Build Your Own Midrange Paladin Deck [Hearthhead]
The Best Cards To Complete Your Hearthstone Quest - Part 1 [Hearthhead]
Bolstering Taunt Warrior In Wild - Fun Card Friday [Hearthhead]
Hearthstone Highlights: Kripp's Going To Press The Button [Hearthhead]
Hearthstone Headlines: New Esports Series [Hearthhead]

Hearthstone' Director Ben Brode Talks Surprise Success and Tough Choices [glixel]

Journey to Un’Goro is Hearthstone’s best expansion since the League of Explorers [PC GAMER]

Blizzard announces Hearthstone Wild tournament [PC GAMER]



◆ 終了したイベント

Canada flawless again in Hearthstone Global Games, Romania’s tournament threatened [GosuGamers]
Chile and Finland played an HGG game you just have to watch (decklists inside) [GosuGamers]
Undefeated Canada and Denmark on Global Games collision course [Dot esports]
Hearthstone Global Games: Un'Goro Influence [Good Gaming]

DreamHack Austin 2017 Top-8 Deck Lists [TOP DECKS]


◆ 来週以降のイベント

ハースストーン友達作ろう会(仮) [ATND]



◆ Metagame

vS Data Reaper Report #45 [Vicious Syndicate]
Un'Goro Meta Snapshot #2 (Apr 17 - Apr 23) [Meta Stats]

◆ 海外サイト

Un’Goro Legendaries Guide [BlizzPro]
Un’Goro Epics Guide [Dot esports]
Murlocs on the march as Paladin shoots to the top of the meta [Dot esports]
What is the best Hearthstone class right now? [Dot esports]
Rogue's (Crystal) Core and Flex Slots [Liquid hearth]
Journey to Un’Goro Deck Recommendations #2 []
Un’goro Crafting Guide! [Hearthstone Players]
Weekly Hearthstone Roundup #19 (Apr 21 – Apr 27) [Hearthstone Players]
Journey to Un’Goro Deck Recommendations #3 [Hearthstone Players]
Running Wild: Budget Un’Goro Decks [Hearthstone Players]
Running Wild: Upgrading Obscurity With Un’Goro [Hearthstone Players]
The Quests of Un'Goro In-Depth, Part 2: Fire Plume's Heart & Unite the Murlocs [TempoStorm]
Last Week in Hearthstone – April 17th – 23rd, 2017 [TOP DECKS]
Standout Hearthstone Decks of the Week #3 – Un’Goro Meta [TOP DECKS]
Tips for Getting Legend Rank for the First Time [TOP DECKS]
Let's Talk About Mirage Caller [Good Gaming]
Dinomancy: The Veterinarian Lesser Heal [Good Gaming]
GG Pro-Decks Paradigm: April 2017 (S37) [Good Gaming]
Arena Meta Report Patch 7.2 - Journey to Un’Goro [Good Gaming]
Pirate Warrior: A Necessary Evil [Good Gaming]
Wild Deck Spotlight: Reincarnate Control Shaman [Good Gaming]
How to Play Quest Rogue [CompetitiveHS]
Tips for getting legend [CompetitiveHS]
Introducing the Hearthstone Metagame Clock [CompetitiveHS]
Competitive HS - A Week in Review (4/22 - 4/29) [CompetitiveHS]
How to watch competitive Hearthstone this week (May 1st-7th) [CompetitiveHS]

◆ 国内サイト

ブリザード、『ハースストーン』の公式情報番組「Hearthstone World」をTwitchで開始 4月29日には東京・秋葉原UDXでイベントを開催 [gamebiz]
Yahoo!ゲーム、e-Sports情報に特化した新サイトを開設―Cygames、Blizzard Entertainment、カプコンと提携 [Yahoo!ゲーム]
「Hearthstone」情報番組が毎週金曜に配信。4月29日から秋葉原UDXでイベントも [4gamer]
「Hearthstone」横に並べた軽量ミニオンを強化して一気に攻める「アグロドルイド」を紹介 [4gamer]
「Hearthstone」マーロックシナジーを活用して盤面を圧倒する「ミッドレンジパラディン」を紹介 [4gamer]
大魔境ウンゴロカード評価反省会&3週目ミニメタリポート [yugo_6のハースストーンブログ]
【カード個別評価】蒐集家シャクの運用について [ハースストーン攻略ブログ]
【カード個別評価】SI:7諜報員の運用について [ハースストーン攻略ブログ]
ウンゴロ雑記18日目 コントロールシャーマン [moonyan’s blog]
【HS/ツール】Track-o-BotとDeck Trackerの軽さ・重さの比較、そして簡単な紹介も [影絵の木の葉]
【HS/ウンゴロ】発見メイジ(バーンメイジ)を、レジェンドラダーで82戦ほど使った戦績の分析とか考えたこと [影絵の木の葉]
【翻訳記事】 PsyGuenther氏の発見メイジ [ハースストーンのモヒカン翻訳]
【翻訳記事】IAmTheKing氏のテンポウォリ(EU Top20) [ハースストーンのモヒカン翻訳]
VisciousSyndicateによるウンゴロ環境考察 [ハースストーンのモヒカン翻訳]
[ハースストーン]禁忌レベルの神業テクニック[嘘テク [曇りなき心の月を先立てて]
ウンゴロミッドレンジハンターについて [わたしのおへや]
ハンターにおけるイカれた錬金術師の有用性 [わたしのおへや]

◆ Tavern Brawl/酒場の喧嘩

Tavern Brawl ‘Servant of Yogg-Saron’ Tryouts [TOP DECKS]
4/27更新【酒場の喧嘩】”ヨグ=サロンの下僕”をお試し| 攻略・デッキ紹介 [HEARTHGAMERS]

◆ 今週の注目デッキ(Standard format)

67% RDU's Aggro Druid TOP-20 Leg [Hearthpwn]
Aggro Druid to legend. Thoughts and meta observations. [CompetitiveHS]
Deck Guide: Aggro Token Druid [Good Gaming]
Arcanor's Token Druid deck and guide [CompetitiveHS]

First Time Legend: Midrange Hunter - Decklist, Guide and Mindset. [CompetitiveHS]
Makabi's Midrange Hunter - Rank 5 to Legend [Hearthpwn]
Easy LEGEND Beast Hunter "BEAST MODE" [Hearthpwn]
Muzzy's Rank8 Midrange Hunter [Twitter]

First time Legend with "Burn" mage variation [CompetitiveHS]
Burn Mage: First Time Tear to Legend - Decklist, Guide, Discussion, and Refinement [CompetitiveHS]
Legend Burn Mage - 68% win rate from Rank 4 [Hearthpwn]
Zananananan's Rank 27 Burn Mage [Twitter]

Murlocdin(+crabs) rank 3 - legend [CompetitiveHS]
Legend Mid-Range Paladin Guide: I am Murloc! [Hearthstone Players]
Deck Guide: Control Curator Paladin [Good Gaming]
Rank 46 Legend N'Zoth Paladin [Hearthpwn]

High legend with a different take on Dragon Priest [CompetitiveHS]
First time legend with 3600 dust 0 legendary Dragon Priest [CompetitiveHS]
(RANK 20 to LEGEND) S37 Dragon-Lyra Priest [Hearthpwn]
S37 Legend Silence Priest (74.5% Winrate) [Hearthpwn]

Valeera's Guarden: Plant Rogue Deck Guide [Good Gaming]
First Time Legend - Miracle Rogue - Decklist and Guide [CompetitiveHS]
Surrender's Rank14 Quest Rogue [Twitter]
Rank 4 -> Legend with 'Burgle' Tempo Rogue. [CompetitiveHS]

[Legend] Aggro Jade Shaman [Hearthpwn]
Deck Tech: Elemental Shaman [Good Gaming]
First Time Legend - Elemental Jade Shaman Guide [CompetitiveHS]
Rank 4 to first-time Legend with Hotform's Evolve Shaman list [CompetitiveHS]

Discardlock / First-time Legend / 60% winrate [CompetitiveHS]
Kripp's Un'Goro Zoolock [Hearthpwn]

Top 20 Legend EU Tempo Warrior Guide [CompetitiveHS]
Legend with Taunt Warrior: A Strategy Guide [CompetitiveHS]
Kolento's Rank1 Taunt Warrior [Twitter]



◆ 今週のハイライト映像

Amaz - Dr. 3 is OP!! [Youtube]
Amaz - Amaz's Mammoth Decks: MIRACLE PRIEST! [Youtube]
Amaz - Overpowered Priest Draft! SO MUCH AMBER: Part 1 [Youtube]
Amaz - Overpowered Priest Draft! SO MUCH AMBER: Part 2 [Youtube]
Brian Kibler - Pay2Win VS Sulfuras [Youtube]
Brian Kibler - I Was Kidding [Youtube]
Brian Kibler - Kibler VS StanCifka: Kazakus Priest vs Midrange Paladin [Youtube]
Brian Kibler - Kibler VS Kolento: Kazakus Priest vs Jade Druid [Youtube]
Brian Kibler - Mayor Yoggenfogger MVP [Youtube]
Dane - The Most Expensive Game of Hearthstone [Youtube]
Disguised Toast - How to beat EVERY MAGE AND PALADIN in Un'Goro! [Youtube]
Eloise - Celestalon dyes Eloise's hair (part one) [IRL] [Youtube]
Eloise - Celestalon dyes Eloise's hair (part two) [IRL] [Youtube]
Eloise - Celestalon dyes eloise's hair (part three) [IRL] [Youtube]
Firebat - WHAT'S IN THE PACK?! I Must Know [Youtube]
Firebat - Shattering the Ladder with PYROS [Youtube]
Firebat - Galvadon't Bother [Youtube]
Forsen - Best Comedian [Youtube]
Forsen - And the Legend continues... [Youtube]
Hafu - Get em Cho!!!! [Youtube]
Hafu - There's Always Hope! [Youtube]
Kolento - Topdeck comeback (murloc paladin) [Youtube]
Kripparrian - Hydra, It’s A Trap! [Youtube]
Kripparrian - Put Your Faith In The Zoo [Youtube]
Kripparrian - The Button Will Be Pressed [Youtube]
Kripparrian - Overly Vicious Fledgelings [Youtube]
Noxious - Fun Tech! — LYRA MIRACLE PRIEST! [Youtube]
Savjz - NEVER Go Full Northshire Kids [Youtube]
Savjz - Rigged Packs! [Youtube]
StrifeCro - N'Zoth Control Warrior: Back Again [Youtube]
Thijs - Freeze Mage, but without the Freeze? [Youtube]
Trump - EXPLOOOSION! (Discover Mage) [Youtube]
Trump - Big Decks for Big Guys (Quest Druid) [Youtube]
Hearthstone Mythbusters 33 [Youtube]
Completing 3 Quests in One Game [Youtube]

◆ファンメイド・Warcraft Lore

Novice Engineer and her questing crew! [charsiew space]

◆ ハイライトシーンクリップ

BUGS and CRAZY Moments Ep.7 [Youtube]
Crazy FAIL Moments Ep.40 [Youtube]
Epic Hearthstone Plays #166 [Youtube]
Epic Hearthstone Plays #167 [Youtube]
Funny And Lucky Moments - Hearthstone - Ep. 242 [Youtube]



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Hearthstone dojo: Weekly Recap: 4/24 - 4/30 , 2017
Weekly Recap: 4/24 - 4/30 , 2017
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