Weekly Recap: 6/20 - 6/26 , 2016


▼ 今週注目のニュース
・ オフィシャル・ チーム加入・移籍情報・ その他のニュース

▼ イベント関連
・ 今週行われたイベント・ 来週以降のイベント

▼ 戦略・ガイド記事
・ Metagame・ 海外サイト・ 国内サイト
・ Tavern Brawl/酒場の喧嘩・ 今週の注目デッキ

▼ Fun
・ reddit注目の投稿・ 今週のハイライト映像・ ファンアート・Warcraft Lore
・ ハイライトシーンクリップ

Weekly Recap: 6/13 - 6/19 , 2016 [dojo]
Label Tag : Weekly Recap [dojo]


Featured News

◆ オフィシャル

Amnesiac's Road to BlizzCon [Youtube]
Amnesiac's Road to BlizzCon [Battle.net]
Player Spotlight – Deerjason [Battle.net]

◆ ハースストーン日本公式サイト
ハースストーンアジア太平洋春季選手権王者を称えよう! [Battle.net]

◆ チーム加入・移籍情報

◆ その他のニュース

Americas Spring HCT Concludes, Top Decks of the Week, Get in Touch With Your Wild Side [Hearthpwn]
Yong Woo Dev Interview - Donuts, Americas Spring Championships this Weekend, Jaina vs Gul'dan [Hearthpwn]
League of Explorers Will be Rotated in 2017 - Not 2018, Card Design Championships Voting [Hearthpwn]
C'Thun Will Not Receive More Cultists, Reno Jackson Almost Had a Brother, Value Town #76 [Hearthpwn]
Hearthstone Americas Spring Championships 2016 Decklists [Hearthpwn]
Join the HearthPwn Community on Curse, The Taste of Victory - Flavor Text Competition Voting [Hearthpwn]


5 formats we'd love to see in Hearthstone [Dailydot]

映画「ウォークラフト」の試写会へ行ったお話 [しーちゃんかすはカードが命っ!!]

公開直前! 映画「ウォークラフト」鑑賞ガイド #3: ホード陣営のキャラクター []
公開直前! 映画「ウォークラフト」鑑賞ガイド #4: アライアンス陣営のキャラクター []
公開直前! 映画「ウォークラフト」鑑賞ガイド #5: 「ウォークラフト」の用語集 []
公開直前! 映画「ウォークラフト」鑑賞ガイド #6: おまけ要素・隠し要素 []



◆ 今週行われたイベント

Cydonia wins Americas Spring Championships [GosuGamers]
Meet the players who've come out of nowhere to compete for a spot in the Hearthstone World Championship [Dailydot]
Quarterfinals - #HCT Americas Spring Championship [Twitch]
#HCT Americas Spring Championship - Day 2 [Twitch]

RDU takes the Dreamhack Summer Championship, becomes latest player to have earned 100k [GosuGamers]
All decklists from the DreamHack Summer playoffs [GosuGamers]

Asia-Pacific Spring Championship Results [Icy Veins]

HS日光杯#30 結果報告及びインタビュー [ミーシャル・アーツ]

◆ 来週以降のイベント

The line-up for the $50,000 StarLadder i-League S2 is set [GosuGamers]

[大会告知]炉端の最強を決める時が来た!炉端王決定戦開催!?富山、新潟、東京、大阪のどこが勝利を手にする!? [GAME STAR]

大阪ハースストーンたまり場 #11 【毎週水曜開催】 [HEARTHGAMERS]

Hearthstone Carnival 名古屋 [ATND]

ご挨拶と大会告知 [ウーサーしたっぱ軍団、ただいま見参!]



◆ Metagame

The Complete Spring Championship Meta [Hearthhead]
Attack the Meta #3 - All Hands In Deck [Hearthhead]
State of the Meta #5 - Plateaued [Mana Crystals]
vS Data Reaper Report #6 [Vicious]

◆ 海外サイト

Dreamhack Summer 2016: Innovation Gets Rewarded [Liquid Hearth]
The Hearthstone competitive recap: June 13th - June 19th [GosuGamers]
Yogg-Saron Infographic and Analysis (Standard - Kraken) [BlizzPro]
5 Hearthstone decks from DreamHack Summer you need to try [Dailydot]
Hearthstone Spring Championship Infographic: Europe [TempoStorm]
Hearthstone Spring Championship Infographic: Asia-Pacific [TempoStorm]
Top 5 Tech Cards of the Asia-Pacific Spring Championship [TempoStorm]
Dreamhack Summer 2016 Hearthstone Grand Prix Infographic [TempoStorm]
HCT Americas Spring Championship Predictions with JustSaiyan, Dog, & Amnesiac [TempoStorm]
Value Town #76 with Noxious, ChanManV, & guest J4CKIECHAN [TempoStorm]
Beginner's Guide: How To Stream Your Hearthstone Games [Mana Crystals]
FTPing in the World of C'Thun [Mana Crystals]
Rank 5 to Legend general guide [Mana Crystals]
Top 10’s: Best Burn Spells of All Time [Hearthstone Players]
Top 5 Most Disappointing Cards of WoToG [Hearthstone Players]
Quick Guides: Tech Cards [Hearthstone Players]
Quick Guides: Tempo [Hearthstone Players]
Controlling the Tiers [Hearthstone Players]
Dreamhack Summer 2016 – Stats [SectorOne]
Archetypes of control warrior [reddit]
The Five Archetypes of the Current Meta and the Circle of Beats [reddit]
Yogg-Saron In-Depth Situational Analysis [reddit]

◆ 国内サイト

tech cards(Pirates warrior)メモ [空洞]
コーチング依頼受付 [空洞]
TWITCH観戦が捗るブラウザアドオン TWITCH NOW [RNG it!]
【カード評価】ネルビアンの預言者/Nerubian Prophet [ハースストーン闘技場教室]
旧神/OG環境におけるヒーローTier [ハースストーン闘技場教室]
30分で出来るハースストーン実況解説 -解説編- [26"]
zooのミニオン置き方あれこれ [26"]
サイト開設にあたって [ウーサーしたっぱ軍団、ただいま見参!]
みんながあまり教えてくれないアリーナ上達法 [ウーサーしたっぱ軍団、ただいま見参!]
ウーサーしたっぱ軍団の質問コーナー① [ウーサーしたっぱ軍団、ただいま見参!]
ウーサーしたっぱ軍団の質問コーナー② [ウーサーしたっぱ軍団、ただいま見参!]

◆ Tavern Brawl/酒場の喧嘩

Tavern Brawl Tips & Tricks: Pick a Hand, Any Hand [TempoStorm]
酒場の喧嘩 #54: 七枚の侍 [Hearthstone.exp]

◆ 今週の注目デッキ(Standard format)

[76% WinRate] NEW Thijs Beast Druid [Hearthpwn]
Dragon Druid [Hearthpwn]
Nightcall's Astral Druid [Hearthpwn]
Ramp Druid [RANK 1 LEGEND EU] [Hearthpwn]

[Spark] Yogg & Load (S27 Legend EU) [Hearthpwn]

Deck Spotlight: Hotform's #1 Legend Yogg Tempo Mage Guide [Hearthhead]
Exploring Tempo Mage (WotOG Edition) [Hearthstone Players]

Jackker’s Top Legend Secret Paladin [SectorOne]
Secret Reno N'zoth Paladin [Hearthpwn]

No-Minion Thief Priest Decksperiment [Hearthpwn]
Kyle’s Deck of the Week: Shadow Priest [End Boss]

Aggro Rogue [Hearthpwn]
Experimental Aggro-Tempo Rogue to legend. [reddit]

High win rate Shaman Guide [Mana Crystals]
Legend Midrange Shaman Guide [reddit]

[TOP 50 Legend] In-depth Zoo Guide [Mana Crystals]
[Legend] Zoo (w/ proof) [Hearthpwn]
n'zoth dreadlock 1.0 [Mana Crystals]
#1 LEGEND EU RENO LOCK [Hearthpwn]

[Top 100 EU/Asia Legend] LOKShadow F2P OTK Warrior [Hearthpwn]
[Top 500 Legend] Pirates! (Full Guide) [Hearthpwn]
[LEGEND] Enrage Tempo Warrior with Yogg (64.9% WR) [Hearthpwn]
Casino Warrior [Hearthpwn]



◆ reddit注目の投稿

In case you're having a bad day [reddit]
I'm prepared for the meta [reddit]
The most savage Raven Idol I've ever seen [reddit]
I guess your insect crushing dreams are fulfilled now... [reddit]
Kripp has officially partnered with Heartharena [reddit]
Which Ragnaros would you like? [reddit]
The strongest Arena RNG turn ever [reddit]
Why are the Overwatch devs so much more communicative than the Hearthstone devs? [reddit]
So I rolled a Jungle Moonkin from a Ramwrangler and my opponent forgot. [reddit]
I didn't count it up, but I think he had lethal if I didn't. [reddit]
Anyone hate this game but still play it? [reddit]
Mysterious Yogg [reddit]
A Proposed Solution to a Large Hearthstone Problem [reddit]
.. Should NOT have BM'd... [reddit]
Reminder. Lord Jaraxxus removes your armour. [reddit]
Don't drink the tea [reddit]

◆ 今週のハイライト映像

Brian Kibler - Battle of the Memes [Youtube]
Brian Kibler - Of Gods and Monkeys [Youtube]
Brian Kibler - The God Of Death [Youtube]
Brian Kibler - The Reno Mage Gunshow [Youtube]
Dane - Reviving Anyfin Can Happen With Dragon Science [Youtube]
Disguised Toast - [Youtube]
Disguised Toast - 13 Hearthstone Cards in the new Warcraft Movie [Youtube]
Firebat - Scariest Yogg of my Life [Youtube]
Firebat - Learning From My Mistakes [Youtube]
Kolento - Yogg-Saron the betrayer [Youtube]
Kripparrian - A Use For Darkspeaker [Youtube]
Kripparrian - The Greatest Final Boss Battle [Youtube]
Kripparrian - The Topdeck Master [Youtube]
Kripparrian - Everyone Loves Disneyland Warrior [Youtube]
Noxious - SUPER FUN HAPPY TIMES #64 [Youtube]
Noxious - SUPER FUN HAPPY TIMES #65 [Youtube]
Thijs - Thijs' Encounters #3: Lifecoach [both perspectives] [Youtube]
Just another Renounce+Justicar+Embrace the Shadow+Brann+Refreshment Vendor Warlock Lethal [Youtube]
When you know that opponent did deserve the win more [Youtube]

◆ファンアート・創作・Warcraft Lore

Hearthstone Community Contribution: Death Knight vs Monk Duel by Fullas Games [Icy Veins]
Jaina v Gul'dan: A Hearthstone Cartoon | Wronchi Animation [Youtube]

◆ ハイライトシーンクリップ

Best Moments 56 [Youtube]
RNG Saltage - Episode 12 [Youtube]
Best Moments 57 [Youtube]
Faceless Summoner Moments [Youtube]
Top 5 Plays! [Youtube]
Amazing Funny Plays #40 [Youtube]
Amazing Funny Plays #41 [Youtube]
Hearthstone Play of the Game [Youtube]
Funny And Lucky Moments - Hearthstone - Ep. 172 [Youtube]



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Hearthstone dojo: Weekly Recap: 6/20 - 6/26 , 2016
Weekly Recap: 6/20 - 6/26 , 2016
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