Weekly Recap: 12/21 - 12/27 , 2015


▼ 今週注目のニュース
・ オフィシャル・ チーム加入・移籍情報・ その他のニュース

▼ イベント関連
・ 今週行われたイベント・ 来週以降のイベント

▼ 戦略・ガイド記事
・ Metagame・ クラス共通の解説記事・ Tavern Brawl/酒場の喧嘩
・ アドベンチャー攻略・ パズル・クイズ・ 今週の注目デッキ

▼ Fun
・ reddit注目の投稿・ 今週のハイライト映像・ HSのマメ知識
・ ファンアート・創作・Warcraft Lore・ おもしろシーン特集

Weekly Recap: 12/14 - 12/20 , 2015 [dojo]
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Featured News

◆ オフィシャル

Hearthstone® December 2015 Ranked Play Season Ending Soon! [Battle.net]
Designer Insights with Ben Brode: Consistency [Youtube]

◆ ハースストーン日本公式サイト
ハースストーン®2015年12月ランク戦プレイシーズン:最高にイカしたシャーマン―閉幕間近! [Battle.net]
デザイナーの洞察 by ベン・ブロード: 一貫性 [Youtube]

◆ チーム加入・移籍情報

◆ その他のニュース

Top Deck of the Week, Hurtstone - Secrets [Hearthpwn]
Deck Spotlight: Mech Priest, Deck Spotlight: Silence Shaman, Fun Deck Spotlight: The League of Explorers [Hearthpwn]
Happy Holidays From HearthPwn, Ben Brode on Deck Slots, Alt Card Art, Beginners; Hearthstone Jingle Bells [Hearthpwn]

Hearthstone Top 5: Over Hyped Cards [TempoStorm]

Killswitch Shares His Hearthstone X-Mas Wishlist [Hearthstone Players]

前人未到のハースストーンチャレンジ!プロゲーマーと共演! [Youtube]

ハースストーンチャレンジ! プロゲーマー&MEGUMI! 奇跡の闘技場! [Youtube]

ももたろ×プロゲーマーの最強タッグでバトル!! [Youtube]

視聴者さんとハースストーンでガチバトルしてみた [Youtube]

ハースストーンで対戦してみた!これがプロの戦いだ! [Youtube]

【国内サイト】「Hearthstone」HIKAKINによる「ハースストーンチャレンジ」の映像が公開 [4gamer]



◆ 今週行われたイベント

Korean newcomer wins Hearthstone's biggest prize ever at WCA [Dailydot]

JCG Hearthstone Pro League 2015 Winter CUP 決勝トーナメント Day1 [niconico]
JCG Hearthstone Pro League 2015 Winter CUP 決勝トーナメント Day2 [niconico]

ゆるふわHearthstone@Wipe代々木オールナイト [afreecaTV]

変態紳士のハートストーン大会結果!楽しかった第2回天野一武道会! [GAMESTAR]
第2回 天野一武道会 結果発表 [すべ半]
12月27日 天野記念開催!@結果発表 [すべ半]
年末スペシャルイベント 天野記念 配信録画! [Youtube]
天野記念 結果発表! [すべ半]



◆ Metagame

THE META SNAPSHOT: #42 Uther - Home for the Holidays [TempoStorm]
Decks to Play – Feel the Force! [Hearthstone Players]
Streamer Watch! [Hearthstone Players]

◆ クラス共通の解説記事

Dark Peddler Infograph [BlizzPro]
Arena Matchups: Druid [Hearth2p]
MUA: Reno Paladin vs Reno Warlock [Hearthstone Players]
Who’s up for an adventure? – Sir Finley Mrrgglton Analysis [Hearthstone Players]
【国内サイト】新アドベンチャー:探検同盟レビュー! [From 0]

◆ Tavern Brawl/酒場の喧嘩

Tavern Brawl This Week: Randomonium! [GosuGamers]
【国内サイト】酒場の喧嘩 #28: ランダム地獄の一丁目 [Hearthstone.exp]

◆ アドベンチャー攻略

【国内サイト】攻略「リーグ・オブ・エクスプローラー」#12: 大怪盗ラファーム [Hearthstone.exp]
【国内サイト】攻略「リーグ・オブ・エクスプローラー」#13: 解き放たれしラファーム [Hearthstone.exp]

◆ パズル・クイズ

Amaz - Puzzle Series #36 - What a Hard Board Clear! [Youtube]

◆ 今週の注目デッキ

[Legend] 70% w/l NEW meta combo druid [Hearthpwn]
HearthPWN D3CK Spotl!ght: FloppyFish666's NEW meta combo druid [Youtube]
Legend with Midrange Druid with a tiny twist (GUIDE). [reddit]

Dragonz'rilla [Hearthpwn]
(Legend) Cameltoe [Hearthpwn]
HearthPWN D3CK Spotl!ght: DatDanTho's (Legend) CamelToe [Youtube]
They said I could be anything! So I became Reno Hunter! (Deck Guide) [reddit]
【国内サイト】cross7224による発見ハンター実況解説動画 [すべ半]

【国内サイト】翻訳:EU1位(2015.5シーズン)エコージャイアントメイジガイド [masa_rst]
【国内サイト】[翻訳]By Snowflakes be Purged! Freeze Mage, Mindset and #1 Legend [heidrun]
Season 21 Deck Guide: Gorilla Mech Mage [Hearth2p]
Casino Tempo Mage back in Action! [Youtube]
HearthPWN D3CK Spotl!ght: Thijs's Top 3 Legend Freeze Mage [S21] [Youtube]

[LEGEND] Who Am I... Jokes Just Standard Mid-range Paladin [Hearthpwn]
High Legend Midrange Paladin Guide [reddit]
[Legend] Mid-range Paladin Guide For the Meta [reddit]
Legends with Secret Paladin – How I did it in three months [reddit]
Legends with Secret Paladin – How I did it in three months [reddit]

Season 21 Deck Guide: Curator Dragon Priest [Hearth2p]
Brann Dragon Priest - LoE [reddit]
Entomb Priest - December 2015 [Metabomb]
HearthPWN D3CK Spotl!ght: HanterBat's Insane Entomb 0Control Priest! (81% winrate!) [Youtube]
TotalBiscuit - The Grinch who Stole Winter Veil - Lord of the Gimmicks [Youtube]

Legend Oil Rogue Guide [reddit]
Rank 1 NA Oil Rogue Guide [reddit]
Gorilla Mech Rogue - Even more monkeys! [Youtube]
HearthPWN D3CK Spotl!ght SuperJJ's MalyRogue #1 Legend NA [Youtube]

[S21][TOP 150] Aggro Shaman [Hearthpwn]
Aggro Shaman Deck Guide [Youtube]
SILENCE Shaman [70% WINRATE] [Hearthpwn]
SILENCE Shaman [70% WINRATE] [Youtube]

[top20] Kolento Zoo [Hearthpwn]
HearthPWN D3CK Spotl!ght: Kolento's Top 20 Legend Zoolock [S21] [Youtube]
Rank 5 to Legend - Zoo [reddit]
Reno Combo Warlock - Miss P4wnyhof Hype [Youtube]
[Rank 3 to Legend] 78% winrate Reno Mix Warlock [Hearthpwn]
Trump's RenoZoo Discussion [reddit]

[S21] Patron - Winning is fun again [Hearthpwn]
[LEGEND] Face Warrior Deck and Guide [reddit]
Top 10 NA Reno/Elise Warrior Guide [reddit]



◆ reddit注目の投稿

Fun idea: Epic Quests [reddit]
Just had my first win due to a "bluff" and I've never had as much fun in a game ever. [reddit]
All I want for Winter's Veil is... Achievements. [reddit]
Here is Why Hearthstone is the Most Ridiculous Game Ever: [reddit]
Reno Mage with an unusual card... [reddit]
RNG and everyone's favourite card! [reddit]
Why does blizzard continue to design the game with new players at the forefront of decision making; but not address the increased entry barrier. [reddit]
V07TR0N is trying to tell me something [reddit]
Thrall was so sick of playing murlocs he joined my team [reddit]
My girlfriend made me this for Christmas after cryptically asking me what my favorite minion was. [reddit]
The dream! - 12-0 warrior arena [reddit]
I just made a Battlecry Shaman. I got hard countered immediately. [reddit]
On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me.. [reddit]
Hungry Dragon's Nerf is REAL.......... [reddit]
Raven Idol Tavern Brawl [reddit]
Hearthstone 2016 Wishlist [reddit]

◆ 今週のハイライト映像

Amaz - EVERYFIN is OGRE! [Youtube]
Amaz - The Best Way to Play Around AoE [Youtube]
Amaz - Lethal Punish [Youtube]
Amaz - Never Get Cocky [Youtube]
Brian Kibler - Entomb Reno For Fun and Profit [Youtube]
Brian Kibler - Reno Jackson Mage: Has Healing Gone Too Far? [Youtube]
DTwo - You Can't Entomb it if I Don't Play it [Youtube]
DTwo - ResidentSleeper (Control vs Control) [Youtube]
Kolento - A friendly reminder to all you Hearthstonians! [Youtube]
Kripparrian - How I’d Improve HS [Youtube]
Kripparrian - Unleash The Kodos! [Youtube]
Kripparrian - Keep'n It Uldaman [Youtube]
Kripparrian - How To Fix Your Opening Hand [Youtube]
Lothar - MILF Shaman vs Broken Druid [Youtube]
MaSsan - Unleash the Moltens [Youtube]
MaSsan - Premature Jaraxxulation [Youtube]
Noxious - SUPER FUN HAPPY TIMES #37 [Youtube]
Noxious - Deck Slots & General UI Things [Youtube]
Reynad - ASUS - Don't Just Dream, Game - Who is Andrey "Reynad" Yanyuk? [Youtube]
Savjz - Messy Mill Priest [Youtube]
Savjz - Edwin VanCleef wishes you a happy Feast of Winterveil! [Youtube]
Savjz - Twitch Chat is Always Right [Youtube]
Thijs - LoE [Day 41] How to beat Freeze Mage - S21 [Youtube]
Trump - Trump Opens Christmas Presents (Tavern Brawl) [Youtube]
Trump - Trump's Secret (Warlock vs Paladin) [Youtube]
8000 Attack Poisoned Blade [Youtube]
Unearthed Raptor Steals minions from deck [Youtube]
Hearthstone Jingle Bells [Youtube]

◆ HSのマメ知識

Flavor Text and Lore: Gul’dan, the Warlock Hero [Hearthstone Players]
Flavor Text and Lore: The Burning Legion and Notable Warlock Cards [Hearthstone Players]
Disguised Toast - 5 HIDDEN EASTER EGGS in League of Explorers! [Youtube]

◆ ファンアート・創作・Warcraft Lore

The True Wallet Warrior [reddit]
Innkeeper's Box from Hearthstone [Youtube]
I made my boyfriend Tirion Fordring for Christmas [reddit]

◆ おもしろシーン特集

BM Fails [Youtube]
Best Moments 15 [Youtube]
Golden Monkey Moments [Youtube]
Epic Hearthstone Plays #94 [Youtube]
Epic Hearthstone Plays #95 [Youtube]
Funny and Lucky Moments - Hearthstone - Ep. 143 [Youtube]



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Hearthstone dojo: Weekly Recap: 12/21 - 12/27 , 2015
Weekly Recap: 12/21 - 12/27 , 2015
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