Weekly Recap: 11/2 - 11/8 , 2015

Headline News

Blizzardファンの祭典BlizzCon2015開幕!Hearthstoneの次期コンテンツとなるアドベンチャーモードが発表されました [◆ Official]

新たなアドベンチャー「The League of Explorers (リーグ・オブ・エクスプローラー)」は日本時間11月13日にリリース予定 [◆ BlizzCon 2015]

Blizzard社公式大会World Championshipを制し今年の世界王者となったのはスウェーデン出身のプレイヤーOstkakaです [◆ Completed events]


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・ Puzzle & Quiz・ Deck Spotlight

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Featured News

◆ Hearthstone Official

BlizzCon® 2015 Online Merchandise Sale *November 5 Update* [Battle.net]
Get Ready to Unite Against Mechazod! [Battle.net]
Hearthstone at BlizzCon 2015—Day One [Battle.net]
Congratulations to Ostkaka! [Battle.net]
Hearthstone at BlizzCon 2015—Day Two [Battle.net]
BlizzCon 2015 – 'Til Next Time! [Battle.net]

◆ 英語公式サイト「The League of Explorers」
Join the League of Explorers on November 12! [Battle.net]
Card Sets ➤ League of Explorers [Battle.net]
League of Explorers: A Hearthstone Adventure [Battle.net]

◆ ハースストーン日本公式サイト
力をあわせてメカゾッドを倒す準備はいいか! [Battle.net]
ハースストーン世界選手権の決勝トーナメント、開幕迫る! [Battle.net]

◆ 日本語公式サイト「リーグ・オブ・エクスプローラー」
来たる11月13日、君も「リーグ・オブ・エクスプローラー」に集え! [Battle.net]
カードセット ➤ リーグ・オブ・エクスプローラー [Battle.net]

◆ Community & Team Transfers

Sottle joins compLexity [GosuGamers]
TidesofTime and Hafu likely out of Cloud9 [Dailydot]

◆ More News

Popular Decks for October 2015, Hearthstone World Championships Final 8, The [Not So] Ultimate Arena Drafting Guide [Hearthpwn]
Welcome to Our Inn [Hearthpwn]
The First Co-Op Tavern Brawl, Aggro Druid Deck Analysis, Gifts that Keep on Giving [Hearthpwn]
BlizzCon Tomorrow, Hearthstone World Championships, Hearthstone Card Back via Overwatch [Hearthpwn]
Every Card from The League of Explorers Adventure - BlizzCon Panel Live Recap [Hearthpwn]
Tavern Brawls and Open Q&A - BlizzCon 2015 Live Panel Recap (Fireside Chat) [Hearthpwn]
Exclusive Hearthstone Dev Interview with Yong Woo - Deck Slots, Class Portraits, Player Catch-Up, Tournament System [Hearthpwn]

New esports platform time2win launches with €41,000 in starting prize pools [GosuGamers]

Hearthstone Top 6: The Casters! [TempoStorm]

Ben Nagy’s Big Picture – A Brief Tournament Format Primer [Hearthstone Players]

Blizzard gives card pack transfer to some Japan users, completely refuses to give it to others [reddit]

◆ BlizzCon 2015

Blizzcon Opening Ceremony - A look of the things to come [GosuGamers]

Warcraft - Official Trailer (HD) [Youtube]

BlizzCon 2015 Full Day 1 Recap - WarCraft, StarCraft, Heroes, Overwatch, Diablo & More! (Newsmin) [Youtube]

The League of Explorers - Hearthstone's Third Adventure - LAUNCHES THURSDAY! [Hearthpwn]

BlizzCon 2015 Opening Ceremony [Youtube]

Blizzcon 2015 – Insights from the Hearthstone Fireside Chat [Hearthstone Players]



Hearthstone Pros React to The League of Explorers! [TempoStorm]

League of Explorers: First Impressions with Reynad [TempoStorm]

The Big Reveals of the BlizzCon Fireside Panel [TempoStorm]

Kripparrian - League of Explorers Expansion [Youtube]

Hearthstone Adventure Preview: League of Explorers - Temple Escape! [Youtube]

新アドベンチャー「The League of Explorers」 [yusablog]

The League of Explorersent@ドルイド編 [すべ半]

カードリスト – アドベンチャー #3: リーグ・オブ・エクスプローラー [Hearthstone.exp]

アドベンチャー・モード #3 – リーグ・オブ・エクスプローラー [Hearthstone.exp]

「Hearthstone」探検をテーマにした新アドベンチャー「League of Explorers」が発表 [4gamer]



◆ Completed events

Hearthstone World Championship 2015 Preview [Liquid Hearth]
Decklist spotlight: BlizzCon 2015 decklists upated [GosuGamers]
BlizzCon 2015 - Hearthstone World Championships Coverage [Hearthpwn]
Hearthstone World Championship – BlizzCon Top 8 Predictions [BMK Gaming]
Dtwo - Hearthstone Blizzcon World Championship Final 8 Predictions [Youtube]
Vods - 2015 Hearthstone World Championship [reddit]
Hearthstone World Championship 2015 Playlist [Youtube]


◆ Upcoming events

SeatStory Cup IV powered by NEEDforSEAT [Facebook]

Insomnia step up their Hearthstone game, announce a $30,000 LAN event for December [GosuGamers]

11月13日 - JCG Pro League Winter CUP レギュレーションを発表! [JCG]



◆ Meta

Power Ranks: Blizzcon Finalists Special Edition [Liquid Hearth]
Fade 2 Karma Meta Report #6 [Hearthstone Players]
Counter & Crush the Post-Patron Meta [Irronsmith]
What we talk about when we talk about the Secret Paladin meta (with stats) [reddit]

◆ General Guide

Hearthstone Mastery: Master Your Psychology [Hearthstone Players]
5 Most Common Mistakes New Players Need To Avoid [Hearthstone Players]
Creativity in Deck Building [Hearthstone Players]
Hearthstone Mastery: Predicting Your Opponent [Hearthstone Players]
The Top 4 Mulligan Mistakes Made By Hearthstone Players [TempoStorm]
Top 10 Legendary Cards to Craft in Hearthstone [Hearth2p]
負ける可能性を考えよう@VSハンター [すべ半]

◆ Tavern Brawl

酒場の喧嘩 #21: 力をあわせてメカゾッドを倒そう! [Hearthstone.exp]

◆ Puzzle & Quiz

◆ Deck Spotlight

Top 30 Legend Aggro Druid [Analysis] [Hearthpwn]
[S20] Rank 1 Legend DarkShadow's Aggro Egg Druid [Hearthpwn]
HearthPWN D3CK Spotl!ght: DarkShadow's #1 Legend Aggro Drood [Youtube]

ミッドレンジハンター/ざっくりマリガンガイド [すべ半]
Legend Midrange Hunter [reddit]
Hybrid Hunter - November 2015 [Metabomb]

Guide to Malygos Freeze Mage [reddit]
Freeze Mage - November 2015 [Metabomb]
FAST LEGEND TEMPO MAGE 90% Win [Hearthpwn]
Tempo Mage - November 2015 [Metabomb]

*Dragon* Twilight Paladin by Kibler [Hearth2p]
Secret Paladin Deck Tech with Gaara [Youtube]
Fast Legend Eadric Mid Pala 75.5% wr [Hearthpwn]
[S19] - Rank 1 Buffadin [Hearthpwn]
[Brodos] Legend Divine Gormok The Face Blood [Hearthpwn]
Aggro Paladin - November 2015 [Metabomb]

デッキ紹介@ホブゴブリンプリースト [すべ半]
[S20] Perfect Dragon Priest [Hearthpwn]
Legend EU Dragon Priest - with stats. [reddit]

Pirate Rogue: The End of the Journey [Hearthstone Players]

Fade2Karma: A Week in the Life of Control Shaman [BlizzPro]
5 Weeks with Control Shaman (Guide, Stats/Meta over 515 games) [reddit]
S20 Reincarnate Shaman [Hearthpwn]
Midrange Totem Shaman - November 2015 [Metabomb]

HearthPWN D3CK Spotl!ght: Emixa's Malylock [Legend] [Youtube]
StrifeCro - Blade Flurry or Bust [Youtube]
Demon Handlock - November 2015 [Metabomb]

[1st Legend NA] Cross Patron Warrior [Hearthpwn]
[Guide] Top 10 Legend with new Control Patron Warrior [reddit]
Dragon warrior deck guide (legend). [reddit]
Sheng’s Budget TGT Mech Warrior [Hearthstone Players]



◆ reddit hot topics

Patron nerf is like an ecological disaster on the ladder meta. [reddit]
Top 5 decks to counter current meta-game! [reddit]
If Blizzard is against auto-squelching, then why did they make almost every character sound like a sarcastic asshole? [reddit]
Have you quit Hearthstone, or started playing much less? Post your story here. [reddit]
Putting the fear of removal back into Hearthstone [reddit]
Curious Design: Card Advantage in Hearthstone [reddit]
Is anyone still enjoying this game? [reddit]
Ben Brode responds to the recent deck slots incident [reddit]
No salt, only warm fuzzies. The new Tavern Brawl is the best time I have ever had in Hearthstone. Well Played. [reddit]
Co-Op Revitalized the Game for Me [reddit]
New Patron Warrior? [reddit]
"The silent always leave first." Subpopulation vs Sample Size [reddit]
Laddered all day as Gearmaster Mechazod and fought against 100% Paladins [reddit]
HS devs considering changing card rarity to help arena warriors [reddit]
Secrets of Ulduar, Next adventure? [reddit]
Why are people suddenly acting like Patron Warrior was OK? [reddit]
Blizzard wants my collection to feel like tangible real thing, but it can't come with me to EU and Asia? [reddit]
This is what this Tavern Brawl is all about [reddit]
Aggro Deck Celebrate Warsong Commander Nerf [reddit]
Discover means they've heard us about RNG [reddit]
Its a trap!!!!! [reddit]
The Infinite OTK. [reddit]
To Ben Brode. Is a major re-balance patch even being tested? [reddit]
To Blizzard: If you want me to use the new 4 drops, nerf shredder to at least a 3/3. [reddit]
Thijs vs Ostaka is the most well played series of hearthstone ever! [reddit]
Blizzard Does Not Think Secret Paladin is OP [reddit]
I wish that every time Blizzard said "soon" they meant next Thursday [reddit]
I wished they had announced a big re-balancing patch instead of a new expansion [reddit]
Next weeks tavern brawl is Ragnaros vs Nefarian [reddit]
How to detect bots [reddit]

◆ VoD Highlight

Amaz - Detective Rouge-maz [Full Game vs. Mistyko] [Youtube]
Dtwo - Defeating a Handlock with Dragon Priest (no Lightbomb) [Youtube]
Hafu - How To Deal With Dr. Boom [Youtube]
Kolento -When RNG just wants you to win [Youtube]
Kolento -Esportal strikes again [Youtube]
Kolento - An intense warlock vs. mage game [Youtube]
Kripparrian - The Best Designed Cards Ever! [Youtube]
Kripparrian - Hearthstone At BlizzCon 2015 [Youtube]
Kripparrian - Tavern Brawl #21: Two vs Mechazod [Youtube]
MaSsan - Please RNGebus! [Youtube]
MaSsan - Endless Molten Giants! [Youtube]
Prison Trump Teachings - How to Get Grills [Youtube]
Anub'Arak Bug on Dog's stream :D ! 11/4/2015 [Youtube]
lucky moments [Youtube]
Justice Demands RNG [Youtube]

◆ Hearthstone Tips & Trivia

Flavor Text and Lore: Jaina, the Original Mage Hero [Hearthstone Players]
Dog is having the best hearthstone bug ever on stream right now. [reddit]

◆ Fan art , Other Topics

Hearthstone Premium: Impossible Deck Slots [Youtube]
Explorers of Azeroth v1.2 - More Balancing! [Hearthpwn]
My apologize for Valeera fan art [reddit]
[Fan Art] I'm not sure how viable Elise Starseeker will be... [reddit]
I feel Icky!! (leper gnome fan art) [reddit]

◆ Clip Video

Best of Effigy - Hearthstone Moments [Youtube]
Hearthstone Funny Subscribers Plays #8 [Youtube]
Hearthstone Amazing Plays #12 [Youtube]
Hearthstone Bugs & WTF Moments [Youtube]
Hearthstone Best Moments 7 [Youtube]
Knife Juggler Hearthstone Moments [Youtube]
Confessor Paletress #2 Hearthstone Moments [Youtube]
Epic Hearthstone Plays #87 [Youtube]
Funny and Lucky Moments - Hearthstone - Ep. 136 [Youtube]



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Hearthstone dojo: Weekly Recap: 11/2 - 11/8 , 2015
Weekly Recap: 11/2 - 11/8 , 2015
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