Weekly Recap: 7/26 - 8/1 , 2015

2015/7/26 - 8/1

Headline News

今月解禁される次期拡張版The Grand Tournamentの事前購入が始まりました [◆ Official]

現在36枚公開済みのTGT新カードから次のMetaを占うカードレビュー [◆ Card Review]

秋葉原e-sports SQUAREオフライントーナメント大盛況!特別ゲストも登場した配信は要チェック [◆ Completed events]

今週のTavern Brawlのテーマはe-sports力を問われるUnstable Portalデッキでの対戦 [◆ Tavern Brawl]


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Weekly Recap: 7/19 - 7/25 , 2015 [dojo]
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Featured News

◆ Official

Hearthstone Patch Notes - [Battle.net]
The Grand Tournament Pre-Purchase Bundle [Battle.net]
The Grand Tournament: Get Inspired [Battle.net]
Hearthstone® August 2015 Ranked Play Season – The Grand Tournament! [Battle.net]

◆ Community & Team Transfers

Kaldi Joins Tempo Storm [TempoStorm]

◆ More News

The Grand Tournament: Arena Impact [Hearthpwn]
Popular Decks of the Week, The Grand Tournament Card & Info Recap, Class Design Competition Winners [Hearthpwn]
New Card Reveal: Flame Juggler, Clockwork Knight, Savage Combatant; Card Corrections, Angry Chicken #95 [Hearthpwn]
2 Legendary Card Reveals, Hearthstone Patch 9554 Now Live, Brawl: Too Many Portals [Hearthpwn]
New Card Reveal: Demonfuse, Argent Horserider, Deck Spotlight: Krup's Tempo Mage [Hearthpwn]

◆ The Grand Tournament

HSP reviews TGT: Coliseum Manager [Hearthstone Players]
HSP reviews TGT: Flame Juggler [Hearthstone Players]
HSP reviews TGT: Savage Combatant & Clockwork Knight [Hearthstone Players]
HSP reviews TGT: Fjola Lightbane & Eydis Darkbane [Hearthstone Players]
HSP reviews TGT: Spellslinger [Hearthstone Players]
Kripparrian - Ten Extreme Cards We Won’t See In TGT [Youtube]
Kripparrian - The Grand Tournament Release Date! [Youtube]
Kripparrian - Grand Tournament Card Review 3 [Youtube]
Trump - The Grand Tournament Review - Part 3 (Expansion) [Youtube]
Grand Tourney [Round 2 Cards] - Amaz Impression [Youtube]
Grand Tourney [Round 3 Cards] - Amaz Impression [Youtube]
What is your favorite TGT card revealed so far? [reddit]
GvG vs. TGT: **Don't picnic!** [reddit]
Interesting discovery. Possible hint to TGT release date? [reddit]
Some quick data regarding how many good cards to expect from TGT [reddit]
ADWCTA - (The Grand Tournament) Arena Meta Analysis - Part 1 [Youtube]
ADWCTA - (The Grand Tournament) Arena Meta Analysis - Part 2 [Youtube]
日本語訳カードリスト – 拡張セット #2: The Grand Tournament [Hearthstone.exp]

The Grand Tournament Pre-Purchase Available on Amazon (Best Deal) [BlizzPro]

Gear up for The Grand Tournament with The Amazon App store [TempoStorm]

This Week In Hearthstone - Episode 2 [Youtube]

Hearthstone’s Eric Dodds on why new cards need to scare him [PC gamer]

Designing a Hearthstone Card - GG Pocket [Youtube]

Bests TGT cards yet? (August 01) [Strawpoll]

Saturday Hearthstone Roundup #4 – The Final Season! [Hearthstone Players]

Test Your Knowledge with this Hearthstone Quiz! #2 [Hearthstone Players]


神TCGゲー!ハースストーンを今すプレイするしかない6つの理由 [hatenablog]



◆ Completed events

Decklist spotlight: Download all Assembly decklists from day two [GosuGamers]
The playoffs for Assembly Summer are set. These are the eight players who made it through [GosuGamers]

ROOT Gaming Hearthstone Invitational 2 [Liquid Hearth]
Xixo wins ROOT Invitational 2 [GosuGamers]

PVPLive's HPL Week 8 Recap [BlizzPro]

StarLadder Kick-Off Season [Elite Deck]

ASUS ROG SUMMER 2015 VOD [reddit]

世界初『Hearthstone』国際女子大会を密着レポート―日本含め5ヶ国8名の選手が出場! [Game*Spark]

JCG Hearthstone Pro League 2015 Season2 決勝トーナメント Day1 amanos観戦レポート [JCG]

7月26日のFireside Gatheringでatyamasu1254選手とYukihiro選手が優勝 次回は8月1日(土)予定 [Nemukejp]
カードゲームHearthstoneの大会 「Fireside Gathering Day3」 レポート!! [Game Star]
HearthStone Fireside Gathering (08/01) [niconico]

◆ Upcoming events

Challengestone 3: Right On Target - Day 1: Ro8 !Live Updates! [TempoStorm]
Kripparrian - The Challengestone Tournament [Youtube]
Challengestone 3 VOD [reddit]

HP Intel HearthStone Summer Omen Challenge [Liquid Hearth]

8月7日 2015 Season3 グループステージ [JCG]



◆ Meta

Power Ranks July Week 3: All About The Beats [Liquid Hearth]
THE META SNAPSHOT: #23 [TempoStorm]
Fade2Karma’s Meta Report #1 [Hearthstone Players]
The Meta Season 16: Adapt! [Liquid Hearth]

◆ General Guide

What to Cut: Choosing the Right Neutral 6-Drops [TempoStorm]
How to Beat Patron Warrior (With Deck Lists) [Hearth2p]
Arena Stats Distribution Guide [Hearth2p]
Developing your Hearthstone skills: Constructive Goal Setting [TempoStorm]
The Hearthlab Part 3: Put This Apple on Your Head! [TempoStorm]
Playing to Win & Playing to Not Lose [Hearthstone Players]
Which legendary you should craft [reddit]
Improving My Thought Process [reddit]
Lucky or Good? A Mathematical Analysis of the Legendary Grind [reddit]
Hearthstoneの戦い方(5) [スパ帝]
毎月レジェンダリーランクに到達するということ [すべ半]
初心者ガイド: Piloted Shredderについてのアレコレ [Read2Win]
初心者ガイド: アリーナにおけるステータスの違い [Read2Win]

◆ Tavern Brawl

Tavern Brawl 7: Too Many Portals! [Liquid Hearth]
Too Many Portals guide [Metabomb]
Tavern Brawl #7: Too Many Portals! [Hearthstone.exp]
The New Tavern Brawl Is... Too Many Portals! [reddit]
Want to see a glimpse of the future? Look inside for the next week of posts on /r/hearthstone! [reddit]
Kripparrian - Tavern Brawl #7: Lucky Portals [Youtube]
Too Many Portals! [ft. Forsen] (Tavern Brawl) [Youtube]
Trump - Portal Randomness - Part 1 (Tavern Brawl) [Youtube]
Trump - Portal Randomness - Part 2 (Tavern Brawl) [Youtube]
Amaz - Spy Mission: Noxious playing Portals [Youtube]
Too Many Portals! [ft. Forsen] (Tavern Brawl) [Youtube]

◆ Puzzle Time!

Malylockのリーサルパズル! [すべ半]
Animated Hearthstone Puzzles - Episode 16 [Youtube]
Karma - Lethal Puzzle w/ Grim Patron [Youtube]
Hafu - Reversing Switch + Silence Puzzle [Youtube]

◆ Deck Spotlight

Honker Combo Druid: For Whom the Bell Gnolls [Liquid Hearth]
Top 100legend ysera ramp Druid 70%winrate with guide[NA] [Hearthpwn]
Thijs - High Legend Ramp Druid Guide [Youtube]
Legend Midrange Druid: Countering the Meta and Forethought in Card Selection [reddit]
I made it to Legend with Mech-Bear-Cat, Gadgetzan and Wild Pyromancer. [reddit]

Fade2Karma Deck of the Week: Midrange Hunter [BlizzPro]
S16 Deck Guide: JAB's Midrange Hunter [Hearth2p]
Mid range Hunter Statistics rank 3 to legendary w/ commentary about match-ups. [reddit]
First Time Legend - Hybrid Hunter. Sharing detailed thoughts. [reddit]
It's Magic! Malygos Hunter [Hearthpwn]
Murloc Hunter - July 2015 [Metabomb]

Season 16 Deck Guide: ErA's Control Mage [Hearth2p]
Trump Deck Teachings - 10 - Freeze Mage (Mage) [Youtube]
Mastering the Echo Giant Mage: Beginner Guide [Hearthstone Players]
KRUPS Legend Tempo Mage [Hearthpwn]
[Legend] Midrange Counterspell Mage [Hearthpwn]
StrifeCro - Mech Mage - Fel Reaver! Inspiration from the Chinese server #1 [Youtube]

Aggro Paladin: Where the Face is Usually the Place [Liquid Hearth]
From Rank 4 to Legend w/ Aggro Paladin in 3 Hours: Deck Discussion, Stats & Educational Gameplay Videos [reddit]
Legend Control Paladin: Putting Aggro In Its Place [Hearthstone Players]
Midrange Paladin (top 100 legend EU) [Hearthpwn]

The Light and Dragons Shall Burn You - Dragon Priest [TempoStorm]
First time legend with Deathlord Priest. Deck explanation and matchups inside. [reddit]
Top 20 NA with Eversiction's priest (-mind blast +1 shrinkmeister) [reddit]
Fiabat Freeze Priest [Twitter]
[S16 Legend] Sigma's OTK Shadow Art Crusher! [Hearthpwn]
Day[9] Hearthstone Decktacular #131 - Miracle Priest P1 [Youtube]

MrYagut Oil Rogue [Twitter]
Tempo Naxx Rogue [Hearthstats]

Shaman Only(LEGEND) to Legend(Bloodulust/Deathlords) [Hearthpwn]
미그모(A.K.A Korean reynad)'s mech shaman deck [hearthbuilder]
[Legendary] Murloc/Aggro shaman best for this meta [Hearthpwn]

TOP 100 ZOO GUIDE [Archon]
Legend 21 zoolock [Hearthpwn]
Mastering the Malygos Warlock Deck: Beginner Guide [Hearthstone Players]
Trump Deck Teachings - 11 - Handlock (Warlock) [Youtube]
Finished rank 58 w/ Dragon Handlock ft Ysera and Chromaggus [reddit]
Top 100 with Midrange Demonlock [reddit]
First Time Legend w/ Control Demon Warlock - Reflecting on What I Did Well and What I Didn't [reddit]

Top8Patron [Hearthpwn]
Season 16 Patron Warrior Legend /w Brawl [reddit]
[Guide] Rend Blackhand and Deathwing Control Warrior to Legend [68% win rate between rank 3 and legend] [reddit]
Xzirez: Dragon Warrior(#1 Asia) [Hearthpwn]



◆ reddit hot topics

a Korean found an evolutionary method to improve Hearthstone AI [reddit]
Why do we have to count our own cards but can see how many the enemy has? [reddit]
Made some caricatures of some HS streamers [reddit]
Please, Blizzard, let Wilfred Fizzlebang have an interaction with Jaraxxus. [reddit]
Man, Doomsayer sounds so sad when he attacks [reddit]
I don't ever really speak up in this community, but I just want to say. [reddit]
Piloted shredder is one of the reasons we have such a fast tempo meta [reddit]
Blizzard: Please put an orange highlight around Mind Control Tech when my opponent has four or more minions [reddit]
Guide to GM (Good Manners) [reddit]
Blizzard should make a tavern brawl featuring the new cards. [reddit]
Apparently they already nerfed King's Defender... [reddit]
Why is Edward VanCleef not a pirate? [reddit]
How card packs should work in The Arena (mockup). [reddit]
It bothers me that Tavern brawl always says "back in 1 day" when really it's always a 48 hour period. [reddit]
This is going to be AMAZING [reddit]
Those Patron decks are getting out of control [reddit]
A list of Priest Cards I would like [reddit]
I regret pre-ordering the 50 packs so early [reddit]
Hey blizz, could we spectate our friends opening packs? [reddit]
The titles on the "finding opponent spinner" should be unlockables that you can choose. [reddit]
This was so painful in the current meta [reddit]
This community's negativity about the GT card reveals so far is irritating. [reddit]
Blizzard please include a "low quality" option for mobile devices. [reddit]
How to make demonfuse live up to its name [reddit]
The Glowing Yellow post to end all posts [reddit]
Opponent got a Malygos as Warrior in this week's Tavern Brawl. Mistakes were made. [reddit]
Dev. Yong Woo Asks For Our Brawl Ideas: Share Yours! [reddit]
I think Uther is trying to tell me something. [reddit]
Who will concede first? [reddit]
Kripp just had the craziest game in brawl [reddit]

◆ VoD Highlight

Kolento shows us how to play patron warrior [Youtube]
Eloise Talks About Frozen Yogurt In America [Youtube]
Noxious - FIXING HEARTHSTONE: Glowing Cards [Youtube]
Noxious - SUPER FUN HAPPY TIMES #21 [Youtube]
Noxious - SUPER FUN HAPPY TIMES #22 [Youtube]
MaSsan - WolfSsan Eats Ek0p [Youtube]
MaSsan - Copying Alexstrasza = BM? [Youtube]
Amaz - Interactive and Fun (?) [Youtube]
Amaz - Let's have a Bomb! [Youtube]
The Chakki Deathlord Interview, UNCENSORED, ORIGINAL EXTD. CUT [Youtube]
[Hearthstone Challenges] #30 - Legendaries ONLY (LEGEND Rank) [Youtube]
[Hearthstone Challenges] #31 - Community Deck Challenge! [Youtube]
Malygos Multiplier - Shaman spell power [Youtube]
Lord Victor Nefarius Heroic CRAZY tacti [Youtube]
Infinite Damage, Unlimited Armor, ALL THE HUGS! Heroic Kel'Thuzad done fun (revisited) [Youtube]
【BO3】crossさんとの対戦動画! 1/2 [すべ半]
【BO3】crossさんとの対戦動画! 2/2 [すべ半]

◆ Hearthstone Tips & Trivia

Card Origins: Kel’Thuzad [Disguised Toast]
Hearthstone Heroes in World of Warcraft - Part 2 [reddit]
TIL You can see the shadow of Juraxxus in the golden Summoning Portal [reddit]

◆ Fan art , Other Topics

Seal Of Approval [Nerf Now!]
I will hunt you down! [Everyone get in here.com]
After investing $400 and approximately 60 hours, I present to you...paper Hearthstone! [reddit]

◆ Clip Video

Funny and Lucky Moments - Hearthstone - Ep. 120 [Youtube]



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Hearthstone dojo: Weekly Recap: 7/26 - 8/1 , 2015
Weekly Recap: 7/26 - 8/1 , 2015
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