Weekly Recap: 5/24 - 5/30 , 2015

2015/5/24 - 5/30


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Featured News

◆ Official

Hearthstone® May 2015 Ranked Play Season – Go Ninja, Go! - Ending Soon! [Battle.net]
BlizzCon® 2015 Online Contests and Talent Contest Now Open! [Battle.net]
Hearths and Crafts! [Official Facebook]

◆ Community & Team Transfers

Meeting the Illuminati [Liquid Hearth]

◆ More News

Popular Decks of the Week, Mekkatorque's Workshop: Zul'Gurub Wrap-Up + Cardback [Hearthpwn]
Deck Spotlight: Mryagut's Oil Rogue Guide, Deck Spotlight: Hobo Teacher Token Druid, S14 Reminder [Hearthpwn]
Hearthstone History - Druids: Bare is 4 Fite, Design Competition #18 Voting, BlizzCon Online Contests [Hearthpwn]
Viagame House Cup #3 this Weekend, Design Competition #19: Help or Hinder [Hearthpwn]


My Opinion Of Randomness in Hearthstone [medium.com]



◆ Completed events

Decklist spotlight: Winners’ decks from GosuCup SEA #8 [GosuGamers]

【重要】JCG Hearthstone 2015 大会ルール更新。スクリーンショットのアップロードがなくなりました。 [JCG]
【JCG HS】国内最大級ゲーム大会! JCG Open 2015 Season 1 Day 2 [niconico]
JCG Hearthstone Open 2015 Season1 Day2 Part1 [Twitch]
JCG Hearthstone Open 2015 Season1 Day2 Part2 [Twitch]

個性的なデッキが登場! 「ゆるふわHearthstone会@秋葉原 3」開催レポート [Nemukejp]

◆ Upcoming events

PVPLive Pro League announced [Liquid Hearth]
PVP Live Presents Hearthstone Pro League (HPL) [Youtube]

Challengestone 2 is coming! [TempoStorm]

Announcing Vulcun Deckmasters, a $100,000 Prize Pool Over 2 Seasons [Vulvun]

Daily Dot Esports is bringing King of the Hill back to Hearthstone [Dailydot.com]

Viagame House Cup #3 - Player Intros Compilation (Part 1) [Youtube]
Viagame House Cup #3 - Player Intros Compilation (Part 2) [Youtube]
House Cup #3 Highlights [Youtube]
All decklists from Viagame HouseCup #3 [GosuGamers]
No surprises in HouseCup Group B as Lifecoach, Firebat advance [GosuGamers]
Viagame Housecup #3 this Weekend! [Liquid Hearth]

第2回米中対抗戦、中国内予選の参加選手6名が公開 [Nemukejp]

Dailydot.com [GosuGamers]

Hearthstone部門 Season2 開催中止及び今後の開催に関して [GAMERS LEAGUE]

EVERYONE GET IN HERE! - HS食事会のお誘い [Read2Win]

金曜日に集まろう! 6月5日(金)18:00-23:00「ゆるふわHearthstone会@秋葉原 4」開催のお知らせ [Nemukejp]



◆ Meta

Tournament Snapshot #3 - Kinguin Pro League Playoffs, ESL’s Legendary Series Week 4, The HTC Invitational [TempoStorm]
Meta Snapshot #16: The Fairy Tale Continues Grim Patron Reigns Supreme [TempoStorm]
Meta Snapshot: Top 3 Decks of Season 14 [Hearth2p]

◆ General Guide

Intro to Manual Card Tracking [reddit]
Basic + Naxxramas + Blackrock Mountain Deck Guides for All 9 Classes! [reddit]
Latest Legend Deck Guides [Hearthstone Players]
How to Hit Legend rank on Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft [Hearthstone Players]
In-Depth Turn Analysis #8: Arithmetic [Hearthstone Players]
Understanding Match-ups, Part One [Hearthstone Players]
Why isn't Dragon Consort better? [Dailydot.com]
アリーナにおけるベストカード:ニュートラル編 [Read2Win]
海外プロをも破るプレイヤーの思考とは? amanosさん、Cross7224選手による実況解説プレイ動画 [Nemukejp]
Coghammerを使う時の注意点 [すべ半]

◆ Puzzle Time!

Identity Enigma #5: Me Likes Vanilla Ice Cream [BlizzPro]
The Puzzling - Episode 9 [TempoStorm]
Animated Hearthstone Puzzles - Episode 7 [Youtube]
クイズタ~~~~イム!!Nightmare+Shadowmadness!!! [すべ半]

◆ Deck Spotlight

Legendary Dragon Ramp Druid [Hearth2p]
AntiAggroDruid [Elite deck]
[w3Blaine] Hobo Teacher (Tokendruid) (Full Guide) [Hearthpwn]
First Time Legend Post: My decklist, advice, and mindset to help you achieve it too. [reddit]
2comboドルイドを使っての実況解説プレイ! [すべ半]

Powered By G2A: Dragon Hunter Deck Tech with Gaara [Youtube]
Time to climb with Face Hunter [Youtube]
[S14] berserkci's legend rank Kel'thuzad Mid-Range [Hearthpwn]
Hybrid Hunter Write-up for those pushing for Legend [reddit]
Taunt Hunter [Twitter]

Flamewaker Aggro Mage [Liquid Hearth]
Top 30 EU Echo Mage In-Depth Guide ! [reddit]
*Top 5 Legend* Yeti Tempo Mage by Pyrocrazy25 [Hearth2p]
Legend Freeze Mage In-Depth Guide [Hearthstone Players]
Comal Giant Freeze Season 14 legend (80% winrate from rank 4 to legend) [Hearthpwn]
When playing as freeze mage, how do you value your different board clears? [reddit]

Face Paladin Deck Tech with Gaara [Youtube]
Dragon Paladin: How to Train Your Dragon Consort [BMK gaming]
StrifeCro - R.I.P. Dragon Paladin dream #1 [Youtube]
#1 EU Midrange Paladin(Yes Paladin) [reddit]

Mech Priest - May 2015 [Metabomb]
ControlPriest Rank 5 ATM [Hearthpwn]
Japanese Priest to Legend - thoughts this season [reddit]
For anyone interested, here is my Prophet Velen combo Priest deck that helped me reach legend for the first time (great against warlock and hunter). [reddit]
Kripparrian - This Is Dragon Priest! [Youtube]

A Short Guide - FireBat's Oil Rogue - How To Oil Rogue! fixed [Youtube]
Dragon Rogue *LEGENDARY* [Hearthpwn]
Noxious - I MOVE UNSEEN! [Youtube]

High Legend Bloodlust Shaman [Hearthpwn]
Thijs' anti-HHandlock/Freeze Mage - HouseCup #3 [GosuGamers]

Deck Spotlight: The Malygos Warlock [GosuGamers]
#1 Legend' Dragon Warlock [Hearth2p]
Midrange Demon Zoo [Metabomb]
一撃必殺! 中国サーバーのレジェンダリー72位に到達したOTK(ワンターンキル) Warlock [Nemukejp]
[Surprise Madafaka]ComboLock [Hearthpwn]
Top 20 Legend NA Combolock Guide [reddit]
[S14] Sigma's Demonhand Bulldozer! [Hearthpwn]

Sjow on How to Mulligan with Patron Warrior [Liquid Hearth]
Deck of the Week: Warrior Aggro [BlizzPro]
81% winrate into legend with Grim Patron Warrior [reddit]
Off-Meta Decks & First Time Legend With Face Warrior [reddit]
First Time Legend with Control Warrior (With Stats) [reddit]
プレイング実況解説動画-Patron Warrior編 [すべ半]



◆ reddit hot topics

Grim Patron Mage, new legend deck! [reddit]
Turns out grim patron mage is pretty good [reddit]
New Hearthstone logo suggestion [reddit]
What happened? [reddit]
Accidentally played with Basic Paladin deck at Rank 4 against Face Hunter... [reddit]
Shamalamadingdonged [reddit]
I finally did it! 20k gold. [reddit]
Just went 12 - 0 in Arena using Kripps advice [reddit]
Clutchest unstable portal ever [reddit]
I've been counting animal companion summons for the last few days... 38 out of 65 have been Huffer. That's 58%. [reddit]
TIL: Sludge Belcher Full Art is Completely Different [reddit]
I NEVER do this, but I need to vent (Nvidia Hearthstone Tournament) [reddit]
[Suggestion] Showing card token in card collection [reddit]
I think we need to add this card [reddit]
Ben Brodes response to the recent complain/feedback thread [reddit]
I think I took Hearthstone a bit too far this time... [reddit]
Well, nobody said the AI was smart. [reddit]
Shredder's a good turn 4 play in arena right? [reddit]
8 Damage Hero Power!? [reddit]
The 1 months seasons are way too short. [reddit]
Idea: Free Arena run every season [reddit]
Colour blind option. [reddit]
Personally I feel this game is too bare bones for how successful it is [reddit]

◆ VoD Highlight

Kolento funny, lucky, troll and failfish moments OpieOP [Youtube]
Day[9] gets the shit beaten out of him, and then gets presented with a coupon for a big mac. [Youtube]
Amaz's Agario 60 pack opening! [Youtube]
Amaz - Unfortunate Situations... [Youtube]
Kripparrian - Put Your Faith In The Bombs [Youtube]
Hafu - I'M ACTUALLY RAGING (rip ears) [Youtube]
Hafu - How To Treat Your Cards (Bomber Highlights) [Youtube]
MaSsan - Druid Dishes out 57 Damage [Youtube]
Ek0p - This guys deck is CRAZY [Youtube]
How to play Nozdormu (Guide) [Youtube]
It's a Bird...It's a Bat...It's Batbird [Youtube]
AMAZING finish in #showtime tournament [Youtube]
WHAT IF... 8 people play Hearthstone? [Youtube]
Gallywix vs Gallywix [Youtube]
Greenpeace is sending me a message? [Youtube]
Murloc OTK Combo [Youtube]
[Hearthstone Challenges] #7 - SPELL ONLY Deck (Hunter Version) [Youtube]
[Hearthstone Challenges] Ben Brode's Challenge! [Youtube]
[Hearthstone Challenges] #3 - DEATHWING for 0 Mana?! [Youtube]

◆ Hearthstone Tips & Trivia

Card Origins #6 - Warlock Spells and Demon Pets [Youtube]
Card Origins #7 - Mal'Ganis [Youtube]
Card Origins #8 - Grommash Hellscream [Youtube]
Make a Twilight Drake 4/11 with its Battlecry [Youtube]
You can't silence Savage Roar's buff? [reddit]
Spellbender + Dark wispers bug [reddit]

◆ Fan art , Other Topics

Here are the Hearthstone animated wallpapers as promised! [reddit]
I recreate the golden card animations as wallpapers, check it out! [reddit]
Lore of the Cards: Vol'jin (Complete) [reddit]
Hitler Reacts to Hybrid Hunter [Youtube]
32 Hearthstone Card Impressions [Youtube]
Misheard Hearthstone Quotes [Youtube]
"Elephants Guide You" What's your favorite incorrect Hearthstone quote? [reddit]
What type of update are you looking forward the most in HS? [ampoll]
SWYO | PC Game @ Browser [http://seven-re.com/]

◆ Clip Video

Epic Hearthstone Plays #65 [Youtube]
Lucky and Salty Streamer Moments (Hearthstone) Episode 1 [Youtube]
Funny and Lucky Moments - Hearthstone - Ep. 108 [Youtube]



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Hearthstone dojo: Weekly Recap: 5/24 - 5/30 , 2015
Weekly Recap: 5/24 - 5/30 , 2015
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