Weekly Recap: 4/5 - 4/11 , 2015

2015/4/5 ~ 4/11


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Weekly Recap: 3/29 - 4/4 , 2015 [dojo]
[週間ニュース] Weekly Recap [dojo]


Featured News

◆ Official
Hearthstone® March 2015 Ranked Play Season Final Rankings [Battle.net]
Blackrock Mountain: Molten Core – Now Open! [Battle.net]

◆ Community & Team Transfers
http://hearthlytics.com/ [Hearthlytics]
『Hearthstone』で国内初プロゲーマーが誕生―koroneko選手が北米チーム「Hearthlytics」に加入 [gamespark]
『Hearthstone』で国内初プロゲーマーが誕生―koroneko選手が北米チーム「Hearthlytics」に加入 [Nemukejp]

Alchemixt Retires from Competitive Hearthstone [complexitygaming.com]
Complexity Alchemixt retires from Hearthstone following an account permaban [GosuGamers]
Team owner drops Hearthstone because of randomness, signs Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock roster [GosuGamers]

◆ More News
Hearthstone Player Created Another Two Ridiculous World Guinness Records [Hearth2p]

カード・マニュアル – Blackrock Mountain #5 [Hearthstone.exp]

'Completely bonkers': pros react to Emperor Thaurissan [Dailydot.com]

Emperor Thaurissanで増えたリーサルダメージ [Nemukejp]

Lifecoach tops April's Hearthstone power rankings [Dailydot.com]

Hearthstone Competitive Format – “Conquest”

Hearthstone Competitive Format – “Last Hero Standing”



◆ Completed events

Pinnacle 4 crowns Muzzy as its grand champion [GosuGamers]
Pinnacle 4 王者はMuzzy [GAMERS LEAGUE]

Sjow wins the $10,000 Xfinity Invitational [GosuGamers]

A Divine Spirit/Inner Fire Priest shocks one of Korea's best players out of OGN [decklist inside] [GosuGamers]

Weekend Tournament Recap: Pinnacle 4, Amazon, Xfinity, Gamers Assembly [Liquid Hearth]

Hearthstoneのオンライン練習会「Nekonin杯 #2」が本日20:00から開始 [Nemukejp]

市民館でゆったりプレイするHearthstone。「第7回ゆるふわHearthstone会」開催レポート [Nemukejp]

◆ Upcoming events
1週間内で参加可能なトーナメント/イベント(4/8-) [Read2Win]

Seatstory Cup III starts today! [Liquid Hearth]
SeatStory Cup III continues with the Ro16 today [GosuGamers]

Just bought all the adventures, now my account is level 1 and everything I had is gone [reddit]

4月17日(金)18:00~ オフラインイベント「ゆるふわHearthstone会@秋葉原 2」のお知らせ [Nemukejp]



◆ Meta
Power Ranks: April 2015 Week 2 [Liquid Hearth]
Liquidhearth Power Rankings: April (2015年4月第2週) [Read2Win]

◆ General Guide
Coinの使い方 [すべ半]
ランク4への道。 [すべ半]
‘Playing to Win’ Part Two: Ropes & Mulligans [Hearthstone Players]
In-Depth Turn Analysis #1: Bombs & Fire [Hearthstone Players]
Understanding High Level Hearthstone Mechanics Part 4: Deck Playstyles And Changing The Way You play [TempoStorm]
The Recombobulator Effect – Just Because You Don't See it, Doesn't Mean it's Bad! [TempoStorm]
The 5 Blackrock Mountain cards that could change the meta the most [Dailydot.com]
Why you better start taking Grim Patron seriously [Dailydot.com]
3 Ways for a new player to catch up and how long it will takes (+general advice) [reddit]

◆ Puzzle Time!
Got Lethal #9: By Holy Shadowfire be purged [BlizzPro]
The Puzzling - Episode 3 [TempoStorm]
Puzzle Time! Puzzle 18 – Get Rexx’t [Hearthstone Players]
Just had an interesting lethal puzzle. Fancy having a go? [reddit]
リーサルパズル:Ice Blockの崩し方 [Nemukejp]
クイズタ~~~イム!!Wild Pyromancer!! [すべ半]
クイズタ~~~イム!!続:Wild Pyromancer!! [すべ半]

◆ BRM Guides
Molten Core: Heroic Deck Lists and Videos [BlizzPro]
Beating Garr [BlizzPro]
Beating Baron Geddon [BlizzPro]
Beating Majordomo Executus (and Ragnaros) [BlizzPro]
Dethroning the Emperor: How to Beat Heroic Thaurissan with Paladin [TempoStorm]
Beating Heroic BRM with F2P Decks pt.2 [Hearth2p]
Back again, this time with the Second Wing of Blackrock Mountain using Basic/Starter Cards! [reddit]
Nomodogan's Heroic BRM Decklists and Tips (Spoilers) [reddit]
攻略・Blackrock Mountain #4: Garr [Hearthstone.exp]

◆ Deck Spotlight
BK Buffet 2.0 (Taunt Druid) [Hearthpwn]

[Spark] Beast Master (S13 + BRM Approach) [Hearthpwn]
New Cards for and Against Hunter in BRM [Liquid Hearth]
BRM Legend in 1 day Face Hunter! [Hearthpwn]
Hit Top 50 Legend with an unusual Control Hunter. (No Beasts, Scientist or Kill Command) Want to share my Decklist! [reddit]

(Noxious) MAJORDOMO EXECUTUS Freeze Mage - You Will Perish in FLAMES! [Youtube]
Rdu's BRM Tempo Mage [Hearthpwn]
[BRM] Viable Miracle OTK Mage - Super Fun and Effective! [Hearthpwn]

Adapting to the ladder - Part 2: Mid-Range Paladin [TempoStorm]
Hi, I'm FRID, runner-up of the Pinnacle 4 and here is the Paladin (decklist and strategy) [reddit]

[S13 Rank 3 Legend NA] TaikiM13 Control Priest [Hearthpwn]

Bonus Deck: Gang Up Fatigue Mill Rogue [BlizzPro]
Gang Up Mill Rogue deck (and short guide) [reddit]
RYZEN’S SEASON 13 OIL ROGUE [Topdecks.com]

Lava Shock has completely changed my matchup vs Face Hunter. [reddit]
[Rank 5] Tempo Shaman [Hearthpwn]

Zoo is back! This time with even more Imps [GosuGamers]
Zoo EU Legend #3 S13 [Hearthpwn]
Rank1 Legend EU midrange Zoo [reddit]
My way to Legend with Demon-Lock (Hoej) [reddit]

The Hobgoblin Warrior: An Unexpected Journey [Youtube]
Deck of the Week: Yong Woo's Trigger Crazy Warrior [BlizzPro]
Cruel Warrior by Savjz [Hearth2p]
Senfglas Rank3 Legend Grim Patron Warrior [Hearthpwn]
Blackrock Mountain Deck Guide: Dragon Warrior [Hearth2p]
Nomodogan's Top 10 NA Grim Patron Warrior [reddit]
BRMデッキ: Grim Patron Warrior(エブリワンウォーリア) [Read2Win]




◆ New Card Highlights
Grim Patron: One of the best designed cards [reddit]
Everyone, get In here! - Matrix Edition [reddit]
EVERYONE GET IN HE- oh.. [reddit]
(Kripparrian) How Good Is Grim Patron? [Youtube]
Grim Patron Combo [Youtube]
Wombo Combo 11 - Everyone, Get In Here! [Youtube]
(AMAZ) ༼ ºل͜º ༽ºل͜º ༽ºل͜º ༽ EVERYONE,GET IN HERE ༼ ºل͜º༼ ºل͜º༼ ºل͜º ༽ [Youtube]
Turn 1 Emperor Thaurissan [reddit]
Thaurissan vs Waifu [reddit]
Zombie Chow OTK [Youtube]
The plays Thaurissan enables... [Youtube]
I Spit on Your Armor - "Viable" OTK infinite combo [Youtube]
Me and my friend decided to test Gang Up: This was the result [reddit]
Proposed change for Gang Up [reddit]
TIL that if you swipe an imp gang boss, the resulting one damage will kill the imp spawned [reddit]
Is this the FINAL form of hearthstone? [reddit]
TOO SOON [Youtube]
How to beat Kel'Thuzad Heroic after BRM [Youtube]
majordomo OTK [Youtube]

◆ reddit hot topics
Dear Blizzard, People aren't playing against each other, they're playing against your ladder system [reddit]
What mind control actually is. [reddit]
The Face Hunter nightmare [reddit]
Never give up in arena! OTK from 30 to 0 while at 3 hp [reddit]
Bane of Doom became too evil! [reddit]
Adventure-Mode Expansions should have their own set of deck slots [reddit]
Please give us themed mana crystals for clearing heroic adventures, instead of yet another card back that will go unused [reddit]
Can we all right now thank Blizzard for the mage class challenge. [reddit]
Well, this is awkward, Uther. [reddit]
Dr.Onyxia [reddit]
How I see F2P against P2W in Hearthstone [reddit]
Oh Google... [reddit]
Oh look, it's not mech ma... fuck [reddit]

◆ VoD Highlight
Big Druid Plays by MaSsan [Youtube]
Blackrock Heroic Dark Iron Arena Turn 2 Kill [Youtube]
Bane of Skill [Youtube]
Jaraxxus shenanigans [Youtube]
Your Cards Are Mine #17 : Thaurissan joined the crew [Youtube]
My Trolden Moment [Youtube]
.016% Unstable Portal Lethal Hearthstone StrifeCro GotD #31 [Youtube]

◆ Hearthstone Tips & Trivia
「Warsong Commander」の挙動 [すべ半]
「ターンエンド開始時」の処理 [すべ半]
(Trump) Ragnaros was not prepared [Youtube]

Face Hunterと対戦する感覚を再現したマッドムービーが登場 [Nemukejp]

Blizzardが鍛冶屋に依頼し「Gorehowl」を製作 [Nemukejp]

[Cosplay] Sylvanas unhappy after loosing against Jaina (x-post from /r/heroesofthestorm) []

"Job's done!" SoundFX BEAT!

Millhouse The Arena Guy

Epic Hearthstone Plays #58

Funny and Lucky Moments - Hearthstone - Ep. 98

Funny and Lucky Moments - Hearthstone - Ep. 99


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Weekly Recap: 4/5 - 4/11 , 2015
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